Where are Lillian and Tom from Married at First Sight Season 4 now?

Lillian and Tom work on a craft together in their home
Lillian and Tom work on an artsy project together Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight went to sunny South Florida for Season 4, but for Lillian and Tom, their wedding began with more rain than sunshine. 

Out of all the three couples on Season 4, Lillian and Tom were the only couple that had to deal with heavy rain during their outdoor wedding. While the weather conditions weren’t ideal, neither let it put a damper on their day and stop them from meeting at the altar. 

Interestingly, their wedding may have had the greatest external obstacle but the couple ended up having the smoothest sailing out of any of the Season 4 couples going forward in the process. 

Lillian and Tom have extremely different lifestyles 

Both Tom and Lillian were very satisfied with being matched together, finding each other attractive both internally and externally. They appeared to get along for the most part. 

However, the pair’s biggest obstacle was their polar opposite lifestyles and mentalities. Tom preferred to live in the moment and not think too far ahead, whereas Lillian was a long-term thinker and liked to plan and prepare for the future.  

Tom resided in a decked-out bus that he stated was a huge part of his life. He was very hesitant to give up the bus despite being a married man and Lillian being adamant about not living on the bus. 

Work also caused a divide for the couple. Tom was a boat interior designer and Lillian was a busy realtor, similar to MAFS Season 2’s Ryan Ranellone who also worked in real estate.

Lillian valued career success and her job kept her highly preoccupied, causing Tom to feel ignored and neglected. Lillian’s struggle to put work aside and be present with Tom led to some frustrating arguments between the two. 

While the pair had these foundational differences, they managed to fall in love and both said yes on Decision Day, quelling the fear of abandonment Lillian had wrestled with in their marriage. 

Lillian and Tom’s marriage lasted for a little over a year before the two eventually announced that they were getting a divorce. In their statement, they said that they remain the best of friends and still love each other even though things didn’t work out. 

Where are Lillian and Tom now? 

Since getting a divorce, Lillian appears to still be single. She travels often, including places like Brazil, and values spending quality time with her family. 

Lillian also continues to work as a real estate broker in Florida and North Carolina. She is also involved in important causes, such as her partnership with Operation Underground Railroad which was founded to rescue children from trafficking and exploitation. 

Tom went onto find a new love and is now happily married to his current wife. Tom shares tons of photos of his wife on Instagram and the pair have a Youtube channel where they do home renovations together. 

Currently, Tom appears to have gotten rid of his beloved bus and he’s now a proud father as well. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime 

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