Where are Jaclyn and Ryan from Married at First Sight Season 2 now?

Jaclyn and Ryan sit together on Decision Day
Jaclyn and Ryan both say yes on Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s common for every season of Married at First Sight to feature at least one person who is not initially attracted to their spouse on the wedding day. Throughout the series, some cast members have handled the lack of attraction towards their new spouse very poorly and some find ways to push through and let attraction grow.

The latter was true for MAFS Season 2 alum, Jaclyn Methuen, who felt Ryan didn’t fit what she had always pictured in a husband physically, and she particularly took issue with his notable accent. 

However, while Jaclyn didn’t feel immediately attracted to Ryan, the two did manage to find some internal compatibility and connected through their shared sense of humor. 

Jaclyn and Ryan call it quits before the Married at First Sight reunion 

Over time, Jaclyn and Ryan won each other over with their personalities and, when issues did arise, they made an effort to communicate and be receptive to the constructive criticism they received. 

The issue of control was one of the areas that caused the couple to butt heads. Jaclyn, the outspoken vodka saleswoman, considered herself very nurturing and tended to overstep in her effort to take care of others. 

Jaclyn had a habit of ordering food on behalf of Ryan, which bothered him. The two had to have a discussion about respecting Ryan’s boundaries and giving him more control over his own decisions.

Jaclyn and Ryan sit in a session with a MAFS expert
Jaclyn and Ryan confront their differences. Pic credit: Lifetime

By the time Decision Day came, both Ryan and Jaclyn agreed that they wanted to stay married. However, when they gave their life updates at the reunion, the couple revealed that they were no longer together. 

Ryan admitted that he was “guilty of not making a tremendous effort” in the marriage and apologized for the way his actions or lack-there-of contributed to the downfall of their marriage. Jaclyn acknowledged that Ryan is still a good guy, he just was not the guy for her. 

Where are Jaclyn and Ryan now? 

Ryan doesn’t publicly appear to be in a new relationship, although he did officiate a wedding for his friends since being on MAFS.

Ryan worked a real estate agent when he was married to Jaclyn and he appears to still be involved in the field. He posts plenty of home upkeep tips on his social media, as well as photos of his adorable pet golden doodle, Daisy. 

As for Jaclyn, she kept in touch with her fellow MAFS Season 2 costars, Jessica and Davina, post-show. Over the years she’s shared photos of the trio’s fun hang outs around New York, showing that MAFS wives tend to build strong lasting bonds regardless of if they end up with husbands.

Jaclyn also entered into a new romantic relationship with a man she met via online dating. 

The couple then announced they were expecting a baby girl when Jaclyn became pregnant. Jaclyn gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Alaina Rose, in 2019 and posts loads of cute photos of her little girl on social media. 

According to her Instagram bio, Jaclyn is a self-proclaimed helicopter mom. She appears to be very fulfilled as a mother and adores watching her daughter grow up. 

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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