Why are Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson from MAFS getting divorced?

Lillian and Tom looking down at the ground on the Married at First Sight Season 4 finale
Tom and Lillian on the finale of Married at First Sight Season 4

Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson, the cutest and most hopeful-looking couple from Season 4 of Married at First Sight, are getting divorced.

But why? So far the only details that have been released are in a joint statement released by Lillian and Tom on her Instagram, and a comment by Tom on his own page.

In the joint statment in which the pair say the move was “not a easy decision”.

However, they added: “Sometimes God has other plans.”

The pair said they would remain best friends and “will always be there for each other…and continue growing that relationship just without a piece of paper binding us together.”

Lillian signed off the message saying: “@tomyachts Still love you though! ❤️?”

Tom, on his own Instagram page, responded to the news saying: “Yes our marriage has ended. But a beautiful friendship has started.”

He reiterated that she was his best friend, and added: “Love her and care about her happiness. We’re still team Tillian!!”

But what could have led to the split?

Our opinion:

So far there are no more details than the ones above, however we would guess that the split could be a result of the pair’s different outlooks on life.

As was evident from their appearance on Married at First Sight, Tom is quite a free spirit – he lived in a bus before meeting Lillian and loves to surf (as can be evidenced by the constant stream of surfing videos on his Twitter).

Meanwhile, Lillian was very career-driven, with the strain that her workload put on their relationship evident even from very early on. Tom spoke on the show about the pair would need to make time for each other if their marriage was to work.

The pair were evidently attracted to each other — they got off to a very steamy start in their marriage after the show.

And Tom even managed to convince Lillian to go away with him in his bus on their second honeymoon.

But while the pair evidently both had big hearts and a huge amount of affection for each other, we can only guess that in the long term the practicalities of their different world-views meant a future together where both could be happy was very difficult.

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