Where are Heather and Derek from Married at First Sight Season 4 now?

Heather and Derek sit on a couch in their hotel
Heather and Derek fall apart during the honeymoon. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight is already a fast paced experiment, with couples only having a few weeks to decide if they want to spend the rest of their life with their brand new spouse. 

However, in the earlier seasons of the series, the experiment was even shorter, giving couples just six weeks to make that all-important decision to stay married or get a divorce. 

For Season 4 couple, Heather and Derek, even the quick six weeks was too long and they ended up having one of the shortest marriages in MAFS history, deciding to walk away mid-experiment. Their difficult marriage and explosive arguments have led the couple to be considered one of Married at First Sight’s worst matches.

Heather and Derek’s honeymoon phase ended abruptly 

Heather and Derek’s wedding day was the only positive day of their short-lived marriage, although the day still featured some awkward moments. They appeared to be willing to get to know each other better on Day 1, but it was getting to know each other that caused the relationship to utterly spiral. 

Any fuzzy feelings from their wedding day completely disappeared during the honeymoon, when Derek and Heather got into several arguments. Heather started to pull away from Derek, especially when she learned that he smoked daily which was a dealbreaker for the blonde bride. 

When she called Derek out on his smoking habit, Derek also accused Heather of drinking too much and felt she was being hypocritical. Later during the vacation, Derek felt offended that Heather was allegedly flirting with their surfing instructor while not being at all affectionate with him. 

They tried to seek out the help of the experts but, after the honeymoon, the two could not get on the same page and would often take jabs at one another that hit below the belt. 

Heather refused to live with or even really communicate with Derek and the two both put walls up, spending most of their scenes on the show apart. Derek claimed Heather gave up on Day 2 of their marriage. 

The two realized they had very little in common and didn’t fit into each other’s lives. Heather loved her job and her lifestyle and wanted a man to fit perfectly into that, and when Derek didn’t fit the mold, she was unwilling to work on the marriage further. 

The two unsurprisingly decided to end their marriage mid-experiment and both were eager to go their separate ways and move on with their lives. 

Where are Heather and Derek now? 

Heather works as a flight attendant and is very private on social media. While it’s unclear if she is in a new relationship, her bio does reveal that she is a new mom. 

Shortly after their divorce, Derek tried to still be friendly with Heather on social media but, reportedly, Heather did not respond to his attempts at friendship. 

Currently, Derek doesn’t appear to have gone public about being in a new relationship.

He’s not super active on social media but he does consider himself a public figure and has shared a total of 5 posts with his 37.6 thousand followers, featuring his dog and snapshots from his life.

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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