Married At First Sight: Weddings, neck-nibbling, and some serious awkwardness

Heather has her neck nibbled by Derek moments after the pair wed on Married At First Sight
Heather has her neck nibbled by Derek moments after the pair wed on Married At First Sight

On Married at First Sight on FYI tonight, it’s the weddings — and while some partners don’t seem overly keen, others are getting right in there!

The new season’s couples are Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast, Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz, and Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson, and tonight’s Season 4 Episode 2 sees them all tie the knot.

But will they end up getting divorced or stay married?

It looks like it’s going to be an entertaining season as from the off things look SERIOUSLY awkward between at least one of the couples.

While Lillian and Tom’s wedding seems a relatively straight-forward affair — apart from the fact it’s totally chucking it down with rain — things for Sonia and Nick do NOT look good.

A preview clip of tonight’s episode sees the pair struggle to even maintain eye contact, with Sonia grimacing as she confides in the camera: “I don’t know if my husband is attracted to me!”

Meanwhile, Derek seems mighty pleased with his result — and dives right in there with gusto by nibbling Heather’s neck as the pair pose for wedding pictures, leaving her more than flustered.

Wedding 1 – Lillian and Tom: WET!

Tom helps Lillian get some more shelter as they tie the knot in the pouring rain

What is the last thing you want on your wedding day? Rain! Although on the plus side, things can only get better from there.

Tom and Lillian were the unlucky couple who ended up having to wed just as the heavens opened — with their guests sitting around getting drenched.

However, it paved the way for a cute moment when Tom invites Lillian under his umbrella for shelter, saying: “Come on in, come in closer!” as Lillian giggles: “Well, we’re getting married so might as well right!”

Wedding 2 – Sonia and Nick: AWKWARD!

Sonia looks to the sky as she and Nick struggle to make eye contact as they wed

Next up, some serious awkwardess as Sonia and Nick get hitched in the glorious sunshine — but can’t seem to make eye contact. While Sonia seems like she could fancy her new hubby, Nick does not look too comfortable.

Lillian’s body language is all over the place as she struggles to deal with the situation, before confiding in the camera: “I don’t know if my husband is attracted to me.”

Nick later sighs: “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this is happening.” Though he does find it in him to tell her mum: “I think your daughter is very beautiful.”

Sonia says in a piece to the camera: “Sleeping with a stranger’s going to be a bit awkward!”

Wedding 3 – Heather and Derek: STEAMY!

Derek grins while Heather isn’t quite sure what to make of him as the pair pose for pics

Prepare for some blushes as things get pretty intimate between Heather and Derek (at least from one side) right from the get-go.

When the wedding photographer asks for “one little kiss”, Derek doesn’t hold back and is straight in giving Heather’s neck a little nibble.

Heather is a bit bemused, saying “Sorry, so much kissing going on!”

And she doesn’t seem to quite know what to make of her new match. Heather is looking for a good guy — but is Derek him?

Married At First Sight weddings preview


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Married At First Sight airs Tuesdays at 8.30/7.30c on FYI.

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