When is Below Deck Season 9 finale?

Below Deck: When does Season 9 finale air?
It’s almost time to say goodbye to the My Seanna crew. Pic credit: Bravo

It’s about time for Captain Lee Rosbach to bid his crew and Below Deck adieu. No, not forever, just until the next season of Below Deck hits the airwaves.

The Below Deck Season 9 finale is almost here. Captain Lee has certainly had his hands full this season.

Jake Foulger, Rayna Lindsey, and Wes O’Dell have caused him to have several angry outbursts. Even Eddie Lucas hasn’t had the best season as he tries to navigate being a first officer and helping the deck team.

Below Deck fans had mixed reactions to Season 9, but that hasn’t stopped them from wondering when the season will end.

When is the Below Deck Season 9 finale?

Below Deck Season 9 premiered on Monday, October 25. There have been thirteen episodes to date, which means the end is near.

The hit yachting show airs anywhere from 14 to 18 episodes a season, not including the reunion show. Season 8 of Below Deck had 16 episodes, while Season 7 had 18 episodes. The latter was because the season was filled with drama, thanks to the toxicity of the bro crew.

It turns out the current season of Below Deck will be the shortest season since Season 5, with only 14 episodes. The Below Deck Season 9 finale will air Monday, January 31 at 8/7c.

Captain Lee teased the finale on Twitter, letting Below Deck fans know it should not be missed.

Captain Lee teases Season 9 finale.
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

Why was Below Deck Season 9 so short?

The Below Deck franchise has become ratings gold for Bravo, which is why it’s a bit shocking Season 9 was so short.

Rayna Lindsey revealed in December that Season 9 ends abruptly. Below Deck fans will recall that Season 8 ended suddenly after the coronavirus pandemic canceled the final charter.

However, Captain Lee and the crew revealed that they were gearing up for the final charter on the most recent episode of Below Deck Season 9. So, whatever Rayna was referring to has nothing to do with the season being cut short.

The crew hasn’t earned rave reviews from Below Deck fans. Jake, Rayna, and chief stew Heather Chase have earned a lot of backlash this season.

Heather has been under fire for saying the N-word. Bravo has also been put on blast for not addressing the incident, which doesn’t paint the show or network in a very good light.

Jake and Rayna have been criticized for their behavior. Rayna’s constant complaining and Jake continuously being a naked drunk certainly haven’t appealed to Below Deck viewers.

While all the above is true, the reason Below Deck Season 9 is shorter than the past few seasons is likely due to lack of footage. Perhaps there just want; enough juicy moments to make it longer.

Then again, the short season might have to do with an unexpected twist in the finale. Only time will tell.

Are you ready for Season 9 to be over?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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