What happens next week on the Bachelor finale episode?

Peter Weber
Peter Weber will have to make his final decision next week. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber is down to his final two women on The Bachelor.

After tonight’s episode, Victoria Fuller is completely out of the picture.

The two worked out their issues on the Women Tell All and in true Bachelor fashion, they aired a longer preview for the finale episode.

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The finale will air over two nights next week.

In the long preview shared by ABC, we learned a few new things. Even though Peter is excited about his current picks, he claims he’s emotionally drained. He finds himself split between two women.

Peter claims both women are perfect on The Bachelor finale

During the preview, he reveals that Hannah Ann is perfect. He admits he’s in love with her.

But then the picture switches to Madison and he reveals that he wants her in his life forever. He can’t picture a future without her. She tells him that she feels the same way.

That’s when the drama comes in.

Hannah Ann starts questioning him, revealing she needs to see more from him if she needs to continue on this journey. She cries as she’s saying this.

During Peter’s parents’ meeting with the women, his mother expresses concern over Hannah Ann, sharing that they shouldn’t be changing one another.

And then the picture switches to Madison. The two are clearly not over their issues and they continue to work through their feelings. Peter tells her that he wants to work through it and move on, but she doesn’t see how.

Does Peter break up with someone on The Bachelor and then regret it?

In the popular clip from the finale, Chris tells Peter that they have just learned something and he thinks he should know about it.

He appears to be stressed out.

Then, the footage cuts to Peter appearing to break up with someone. He says “I’m so sorry.” The woman has brown hair — which doesn’t tell us much.

Then, his mother is caught saying, “don’t let her go” as if him breaking up with the woman was a mistake.

Reality Steve believes that Peter’s mom’s pleas about bringing someone back to them have to do with Madison.

Peter is facing criticism over supposedly having the worst season in The Bachelor’s history. One thing is for sure — his finale is definitely the most dramatic thus far.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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