Here’s the most likely way The Bachelor season ends, according to Reality Steve

Peter Weber
Reality Steve has given his best bet on the outcome of Peter Weber’s season on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve has been great at spoiling previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but this season has been tough.

As he points out, there have been so many moving parts, and he says this has been the hardest season by far for him to get concrete confirmation as to what happens.

Peter Weber himself has always been adamant his season will remain unspoiled, which could mean that he has yet to make his decision.

Now, Reality Steve has given his best guess as to what happens on the finale after putting together some pieces of the puzzle. And the outcome may surprise some viewers.

Reality Steve thinks Peter is with Madison

During the latest episode of The Bachelor, Madison was seen deciding to walk out of their dinner date after learning that he has been intimate with the other women. But what happens next, and how does the season end?

Reality Steve says he believes Peter is with Madison — but that whatever happened between them happened after the show wrapped filming in Australia.

He elaborates by saying that he thinks the pair are either working on a relationship or they are currently together and dating. However, he believes they are NOT currently engaged.

Steve also says that if it ended up being revealed that Peter is single, that wouldn’t surprise him.

However, he believes that after the show wrapped filming Peter ended up trying to convince Madison that he wants to be with her.

That could explain why she was recently caught filming something in Auburn, Alabama.

But did it work? We’ll have to wait to see how it all plays out on After The Final Rose.

Reality Steve says he doesn’t think Peter and Hannah Ann are an item

Even though many viewers thought that Peter and Hannah Ann would be together, Steve says he believes that’s not the case.

Picking up from this week’s episode, Steve claims that Madison leaves and Peter sends Victoria home, leaving Hannah Ann as the only woman left, but he says he’s “almost positive” that Peter is not currently with Hannah Ann.

“I don’t think he chose her, but again, I can’t say for sure if he did or didn’t. Just know that if he did, they are no longer together today,” Steve writes.

However, Steve is the first to admit that he does not know for sure how everything played out. Peter could have dumped Hannah Ann at the finale or chosen her at that point, only to call it off later on.

Either way, it looks like much of the final outcome is still to play out on After The Final Rose because so many questions remain unanswered.

Steve guesses that after Madison leaves Australia, Peter has to sort out his relationships with Victoria F and Hannah Ann, and only then does he go after Madison, which could match with Peter’s mom saying, “bring her home to us.

The days are counting down until everything will be revealed!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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