What happened on Survivor last night? Breaking down the Merge Twist

Survivor 42 Merge
Drea Wheeler, Jonathan Young, Hai Giang, and Omar Zaheer on a new episode of Survivor 42. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A lot happened on Survivor last night, with the final 12 castaways reaching a new stage of the game.

As host Jeff Probst had teased about this new episode, a merge was about to take place, but before that, a twist was going to be introduced to the final 12.

Some Survivor fans may have become confused by all of the moving parts in the teams getting selected, the challenges, and who ended up at risk during Tribal Council on Wednesday night.

This serves as an overall breakdown of what happened with the new Merge Twist and how the hourglass ended up impacting the Survivor 42 cast in a slightly different fashion than what happened on Survivor 41.

What happened with the Survivor Hourglass Twist?

A team of Lydia, Jonathan, Maryanne, Hai, and Tori faced off against a team of Drea, Mike, Romeo, Omar, and Chanelle in an intense challenge. Lindsay and Rocksroy watched as Jonathan’s team won another competition.

The winning team, led by Jonathan, then chose to invite Lindsay as a sixth person to enjoy the Merge Feast. Jeff then told the six people that they could choose to send someone to Exile Island to gain a huge advantage or allow Rocksroy to go and get it. They sent Rocksroy instead of securing the power. Had they sent someone from the team, things could have been a lot different.

At Exile Island, Rocksroy found the hourglass. He smashed it, giving Rocksroy, Chanelle, Drea, Omar, Mike, and Romeo Individual Immunity. It also meant that Hai, Jonathan, Lindsay, Lydia, Maryanne, and Tori were not safe and that they had to compete in an Individual Immunity Challenge.

An Immunity Challenge and a Tribal Council

Tori won the Immunity Challenge, granting her safety at Tribal Council. This then meant that the 12 castaways would be voting to eliminate Hai, Jonathan, Lindsay, Lydia, or Maryanne at the Tribal Council that would wrap up the evening.

Omar did not have a vote after losing it, leaving it up to 11 people to decide the night. Drea, Hai, Jonathan, Lindsay, Maryanne, and Mike teamed up to vote out Lydia. As for the other votes, Tori and Chanelle voted for Jonathan, Rocksroy voted for Lindsay, and Romeo voted for Maryanne.

Lydia Meredith became the seventh person to be eliminated from Survivor 42, leaving 11 merged castaways remaining in the game. During upcoming episodes, they will be one tribe, and that means a lot of Individual Immunity Competitions.

We are now working toward the big three-hour Survivor 42 finale that has been scheduled by CBS for this spring. It’s interesting that the hourglass twist was slightly different this time, with Jeff giving the group that won the Merge Feast every opportunity to secure their own safety. But they wanted food so badly that they overlooked any possible advantage they could have gained.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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