Wells Adams suggests Shanae Ankney should date Shake Chatterjee from Love is Blind

Wells Adams
Shake Chatterjee and Shanae Ankney were both reality show villains this year. Pic credit: Netflix

Shanae Ankney built up a reputation as a notable villain in the reality television world after her appearance on The Bachelor Season 26. 

Meanwhile, on the Netflix hit show Love is Blind, Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee earned the label of “villain” as well.

Both Shanae and Shake stirred the pot during their respective “reunion episodes,” appeared to be rather self-focused individuals, and left their seasons single and at odds with the rest of their cast members. 

With Shanae and Shake having villainy in common, Bachelor Nation star Wells Adams suggested the two should couple up.

Wells Adams teases pairing Shanae Ankney with Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee 

Wells Adams is used to witnessing Bachelor Nation stars from different seasons find love on Bachelor in Paradise, but he now appears to think two reality stars from totally different franchises could find love as well. 

Wells Adams took to Twitter to promote the interesting Love is Blind/The Bachelor pairing.

The Bachelor in Paradise bartender tweeted, “Hear me out…” while adding a photo of Shanae Ankney and Shake Chatterjee. 

Viewers weigh in on Shanae Ankney and Shake Chatterjee 

Wells Adams isn’t alone in thinking Shanae and Shake could be compatible.

Several fans of the romance reality television franchises also expressed thinking Shanae and Shake could be a match. 

One tweet read, “Hey Shanae, have you met Shake? I bet he could put you on his shoulders at a music festival.” 

Another wrote, “Shanae and Shake exude the same energy.”

A viewer expressed feeling that Shake and Shanae would match each other’s level of narcissism writing, “Shanae and Shake should just get together and implode as one big, narcissistic supernova.”

One fan admitted to shipping Shanae and Shake and even gave them a couple-name writing, “Yeah, I ship Shanae and Shake. We could call them ‘Shanake.’”

Noting their similarities, a viewer tweeted, “Shanae and Shake do have a nice ring to it. They are very similar.”

Finally, a fan tweeted, “#Shanae & #Shake should totes meet if they haven’t already.”

Shake may have to act quickly if he were to pursue Shanae since she has already teased interest in going to Bachelor in Paradise for a second shot at love as previously reported by Monsters & Critics.

Do you agree with Wells and the viewers that think Shake and Shanae are similar? 

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