Wells Adams admits to being emotional when marrying Sarah Hyland

Wells Adams shares details about this wedding day.
Wells Adams cried when he saw Sarah Hyland walking down the aisle. Pic credit: ©

Bachelor Nation, Modern Family, and Broadway fans are in for a treat. 

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland were finally able to tie the knot last month and Wells shared all the details. 

The couple was engaged for over two years. Their wedding date also kept getting postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Wells recently admitted to being emotional when he saw Sarah in her wedding dress for the first time. 

He said, “I was crying like a baby when she turned the corner with her dad.” 

The Bachelor in Paradise alum said he hugged his now father-in-law with a lot of emotion. He revealed he couldn’t even get through reading his vows without crying. 

Wells Adams cried a lot during his wedding to Sarah Hyland

Wells admitted in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, “I cried the entire time, it was not good.”

He jokingly pointed out that Sarah on the other hand didn’t shed a tear. 

He even said laughing that some of the Bachelor in Paradise producers asked him where all this emotion was at the time of filming the show. 

He also shared that Sarah pressured him a little before the wedding. He said that the Modern Family actress told him, “If you don’t cry when you see me, I’m going to be very upset.”

The Bachelorette past contestant said that luckily for him, on the day of the wedding he was overcome with emotion. 

He pointed out that he is not an actor like his wife and would not have been able to cry on cue.

The couple met online even though they both worked for ABC network at some point.

Wells Adams shares one ‘weird’ thing about marriage

Wells also said that being married doesn’t feel any different. He explained that the couple felt married for a very long time as they bought a home together. He also pointed out the fact that they even have dogs in common.

However, there is one thing that Wells admits felt weird since the day of the wedding. 

Wells said, “I will say, this is what is weird. I’m not like a jewelry guy but now I got jewelry on.” 

Wells and Sarah’s wedding was very fun

Considering the couple’s backgrounds and work, the guest list at their wedding made for a fun group of people. 

It was a mix of the couple’s high school and college friends, Sarah’s Modern Family and Broadway castmates, as well as Wells’ Bachelor Nation’s colleagues.

They had a welcome party before the wedding so the attendees could break the ice amongst them. 

Wells said that by the time of the wedding everyone was, “Best friends.” He said a very well-known person got the most turned up.

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara took to Instagram to share some pictures of the festivities. She wrote, “I luv this gang so much!! Last weekend was amazing!!”

The newlyweds are taking time for themselves

After the fabulous wedding, the couple reflected that they wished they had been invited to a similar party without having to plan it.

Wells said that for now, they are focused on enjoying married life and their professional projects. He will be the host of a new competition show, Best in Dough. The contestants will compete for cash prizes as they make the most delicious, out-of-the-box thinking pizzas. 

Wells shared that the show will be fun to watch and he loved expanding his palette by trying all these new pizzas.

Best in Dough premieres Monday, September 19, on Hulu.

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