Wells Adams admits to being bummed when Jesse Palmer got The Bachelor hosting gig

Wells Adams in paradise
Wells Adams was hoping to have the opportunity to host The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor will have a brand new host when it returns this January in former Bachelor Jesse Palmer. 

Before news broke that Jesse Palmer received the coveted hosting gig, many fans speculated about who should become the next host. One of the most popular nominees was longtime Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams. 

Despite many people rooting for Wells to take over, Wells was ultimately passed over for the position, which was a bummer to fans and also seemed to have bummed out Wells Adams as well. 

Wells Adams speaks out about being passed over as host of The Bachelor 

Wells Adams walked the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards with famous fiancee Sarah Hyland, as Bachelor in Paradise was nominated for an award. 

While on the carpet, Wells stopped to speak with Us Weekly and give his thoughts on the next host of The Bachelor. 

Wells expressed feeling bummed that he wasn’t chosen to be the next host of The Bachelor but also shared that he understands why he may not have been given the role. 

Wells stated, “But I was never the Bachelor, so I understood the decision.”

Back in 2004, Jesse Palmer starred as the Bachelor, and it seems Wells feels that the show wanted to choose a host who knew what it was like to be the leading man of the series. 

Interestingly, Wells also revealed that he has worked with Jesse in the past, sharing, “I also know Jesse really well, I’ve worked with him before. So I get him being the host, he was the Bachelor [so it] totally makes sense. You know, I’m happy [for him].”

Wells has spoken about Jesse Palmer in the past and had nothing but nice things to say about him. Wells told Us Weekly, “[It’s] tough shoes to fill, you know, everyone was very accustomed to Chris doing that job. Change is hard for the audience so…it’s going to be a weird thing for people to see, I think. But I’ve met Jesse, I know him. He’s a wonderful dude, so I’m happy.” 

Wells Adams alludes to being the next host of Bachelor in Paradise 

On the red carpet, Wells was asked if it was a relief not to have the pressure of being The Bachelor host, and Wells was very clear about how much he wanted the job. 

Wells declared, “Hell no! I wanted that job, come on. It’s the best job in the world. You fly around, you say three words, [give] last rose [and] get outta here.”

While Wells won’t be hosting The Bachelor, he did make a remark about Bachelor in Paradise, saying, “There’s no host for Paradise yet, so we’ll see.”

Wells has been the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise for several seasons, and on the latest season, he served as master of ceremonies and briefly as a host. 

With all that experience, it’s likely Wells could become the official Bachelor in Paradise host, but only time will tell. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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