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Was Avery set up by Ash by agreeing to date Tom Brooks? The two don’t want to speak during the Tell-All special

Was Avery set up by Ash after they broke up? Pic credit: TLC

Avery Warner thought she had met the perfect man for her when she started talking to Ash Naeck from Australia.

TLC documented her journey as she traveled to Australia to meet him on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

But she quickly realized that perhaps they were not the best match, as she started to question his lies and the stories he had been feeding her.

Based on some new posts on Instagram, it sounds like Avery may not be able to trust Ash at all.

If these new rumors are true, it sounds like Avery may have been set up by Ash – as he was testing her to see how loyal she was to him.

Avery may have been set up by Ash

The rumors were shared by the Instagram account @fraudedbytlc. In the posts, it’s revealed that the Tell-All preview showed Tom and Avery refusing to speak. Tom was part of Darcy’s storyline, not Avery’s.

In theory, the two shouldn’t even know one another.

In a second Instagram post, it’s revealed that Ash asked Tom to help him test Avery’s commitment. Tom did this by chatting with Avery. He eventually asked her out and she said yes.

This supposedly happened just two days after Avery and Ash broke up. Avery then found out she was set up by Ash.

If this is true, then it makes sense why Avery didn’t want to talk to Tom at the Tell-All special, as he fooled her and made her think that he was into her.

It’s no secret that Ash and Avery have broken up as they have both confirmed that they have split.

Avery and Ash’s relationship was plagued by trouble

Avery and Ash’s relationship was plagued by trouble from the very beginning. The two struggled to communicate and Avery started to discover things that Ash hadn’t been honest about.

For one, he hadn’t told Avery the truth about his divorce from his ex-wife and how it had only happened a year prior – not years as he had previously indicated. He also said that his ex-wife had no problem letting their shared son move to the United States.

Avery got the chance to talk to Ash’s ex-wife about his plans to move to America. She quickly learned that perhaps Ash hadn’t been completely honest.

As to whether this news is true about Tom’s involvement in testing their relationship… we’ll just have to wait and see. Perhaps Ash and Tom will dissect it all on the Tell-All special.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 thoughts on “Was Avery set up by Ash by agreeing to date Tom Brooks? The two don’t want to speak during the Tell-All special”

  1. Avery was my favorite this whole season – she was the most emotionally mature person. She wouldn’t lose her temper and always tried to talk and discuss things calmly, like adults should. Like every other man (except possibly Usman) on the show, Ash is very immature and lies a lot. And he wonders why Avery doesn’t trust him? And he was always trying to make it about him and that he is a victim! Pathetic! Tom is just a player – can’t believe anything out of his mouth. The 60-yr-old (David?) that’s chasing a Russian Barbie, is so childish and he doesn’t understand why he isn’t married!?! Ed is just rude! He thinks he’s a comedian, but he is just obnoxious! And he should have said he didn’t want any more children before he went to the Philippines! He keeps going on about her lying all the time; he wouldn’t go take an STD test with her; he didn’t really even want her son she already had, so why did he go to begin with? yet another jerk!
    And Lisa is just another screaming banshee, like Angela, and Stephanie’s friend, Heather.
    I liked Avery, Erika, and Usman out of all of them this season.


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