Vinny Guadagnino puts Jersey Shore fan on blast after she slid into his DMs

Vinny Guadagnino poses for a Jersey Shore press photo.
Fans of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation claim that Vinny Guadagnino has changed since the OG days of the series. Pic credit: MTV

Vinny Guadagnino put a Jersey Shore fan on blast after she slid into his DM’s, trying out a technique the reality television star once revealed on the show as a way for a woman to get his attention.

Vinny revealed someone could engage him by sending him a direct message on Instagram.

Screen Rant reported that after binge-watching two seasons of A Double Shot at Love, a fan named Lexi Scaduto decided to give it a shot and DM’d Vinny, never thinking he would answer her back.

After two weeks, the sole single male on the series responded. However, their interaction likely did not play out the way the young woman would have liked.

She messaged Vinny and asked him if it was true that his DM’s were always open. In response, he said, “perhaps.” Lexi received Vinny’s message two weeks after Lexi initially sent her comment.

Vinny eventually asked for Lexi’s Snapchat username. However, their conversation did not evolve organically. In a series of messages posted by Screen Rant, Vinny insisted his DM’s were open to people who were not “boring.”

Vinny kept his interaction cool with the fan

The two kept up a friendly banter, and Vinny complimented the young woman on her eyes. Lexi asked if he wanted to see them in person. His response, “I’m not even ready to text. U think I’m going to see them in person?”

Lexie responded, for now, he could look at them from afar, and in the meantime, they could continue to DM.

In the end, Vinny claimed, “U said I won’t get bored, not gonna lie a little bored.”

She responded, “honestly, because you’re a little mean, Idk how to read you.”

Lexie would later call Vinny “entitled,” among other unsavory names.

Vinny once said his DM’s were ‘wild’

In an earlier episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Vinny’s fellow cast member saw him as he looked down at his phone during a family dinner with cast members Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Mike and Lauren Sorrentino, and Deena Cortese.

Vinny’s phone pinged, a sign that he received a message. He picked up the phone, looked at it, and placed it face down back atop the table in one motion. His pals sat silently, all looking at one another awkwardly as Vinny checked his phone.

The reality star laughed and read aloud what a random girl wrote to him. She expressed an interest in an unorthodox method of romance. This made him turn red and chuckle and caused his roommates to laugh in the clip seen above.

Ronnie said to the camera that his roommates wanted to find him a girlfriend. He laughed and told Vinny he needed to be kept out of the process.

In the video’s commentary, Mike said to Vinny that he would get back the energy he put out.

In response, Vinny told his pal that his DMs were “wild.” 

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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