Vinny Guadagnino calls out Chris Larangeira for having a midlife crisis

Vinny Guadagnino and Chris Larangeira on Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Vinny Guadagnino calls out Chris Larangeira and suggests he’s having a midlife crisis Pic credit: MTV

The dynamic between Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick’s husband Chris Larangeira is perplexing to many fans.

Vinny and Chris have appeared to be cordial with one another, but things have gotten awkward at times.

Angelina and Vinny have had a very flirtatious relationship throughout the years and they’ve continued to get friendlier recently.

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While their playful banter appears to be more of a joke based on their love-hate relationship throughout the years, fans have often wondered if Vinny was actually in love with Angelina, which would make their friendship even more uncomfortable for Chris.

Rumors have circulated in the past couple of months that there might be trouble in Angelina and Chris’s marriage. Neither of them has confirmed that anything was wrong, but they’ve been missing from each other’s social media posts for quite some time.

Recently, Vinny commented on Chris’s most recent Instagram post that alluded to his feeling that Chris was experiencing a midlife crisis. The comment left fans wondering whether it was a joke made in good fun or if it was a jab made in Chris’s direction.

Vinny thinks Chris is going through a midlife crisis

Chris recently shared a selfie to Instagram and included a caption about his perspective on life.

He wrote, “You only get one crack at this thing called life, so do whatever makes you happy. Unless it is crack. Don’t do that sh*t!!”

Vinny commented on the post and said, “Yasss Another midlife crisis post!”

Vinny Guadagnino thinks Chris is experiencing a midlife crisis
Vinny Guadagnino thinks Chris is experiencing a midlife crisis Pic credit: @vinnyguadagnino/Instagram

Chris replied to Vinny and said, “No crisis, life is good.”

Chris tells Vinny that 'life is good'
Chris tells Vinny that ‘life is good’ Pic credit: @chris_e_piss_e/Instagram

Fans had mixed opinions on Vinny’s comment as some felt it was funny and just friendly banter.

Others thought it was inappropriate and rude. They also thought that Vinny was throwing shade at Chris because of his secret feelings he’s harbored for Angelina.

Are Angelina and Chris having trouble in their marriage?

Rumors have circulated over the last several months that Angelina and Chris may have split up.

From not being present on each other’s social media pages to Chris’s post that he couldn’t wait to get home to his “other Angelina” about his cat, fans have felt that something was definitely going on between the married couple.

Angelina and Chris renewed their vows on the first half of Season 4 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation but during a confessional interview, Angelina said the couple was rarely intimate with each other.

She said, “Unfortunately, Chris and I did not have sex, and there was no sex on the real wedding night either. Maybe on the redo, we’ll finally have sex. Probably not but I’m just saying. Yeah, it’s probably not going to happen. It never happens anyway. We never have sex.”

Neither Chris nor Angelina have said they are having marriage trouble but fans may find out more about their relationship status when the second half of Season 4 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation returns.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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