Viewers grossed out as Darcey Silva soaks her feet in cooking pot

90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva close-up
Darcey Silva gets bashed after latest episode. Pic credit: TLC

Darcey Silva certainly knows how to keep viewers talking, but her recent behavior has them grossed out.

In the latest episode, the Darcey & Stacey star turned her cookware into a foot spa, and that did not go over well with some people.

Even Darcey’s twin sister Stacey was shocked and grossed out when she got to Darcey’s apartment and saw the strange sight.

Darcey was sitting on her sofa while soaking her feet in a large white cooking pot.

Stacey wasn’t happy to find out that only days ago she enjoyed a meal that was cooked in that very pot, and after the scene played out, viewers did not hesitate to share their disgust at the situation.

Meanwhile, Darcey had no shame about it, because when the clip was posted on TLC’s Instagram page she responded with “Lol ? ❤️❤️.”

Darcey Silva comments
Pic credit: TLC

TLC viewers grossed out by Darcey Silva’s behavior

Darcey may have found humor in the situation, but viewers did not, and they took to the comments to bash the TLC personality.

“I’m sorry…They’re getting gross every episode now? ? Who approve these shows? What is the world becoming?” wrote one commenter.

“Just nasty ? in the frying pan really,” exclaimed someone else.

TLC viewers bash Darcey Silva
Pic credit: TLC

Another person wrote, “So nasty. There are containers that you can buy to soak your feet. Not going and putting your feet in bowls that you make food out of.”

“It’s the feet in the pot she makes food in????,” exclaimed someone else.

One Instagram user also added, “And This why you can’t eat at any one’s house even if they fancy people just nasty ?.”

TLC viewers bash Darcey Silva
Pic credit: TLC

In case you missed the episode, you can check out the clip below and sound off the comment section.

90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva is on the dating scene again

The 90 Day Fiance star has been successful in business, as her company House of Eleven that she co-founded with her sister Stacey is doing well.

The twins recently celebrated the launch of their collaboration with Impossible Kicks, which means their merchandise is now available in stores.

However, while business is booming for Darcey, she’s not having the same success with her love life.

The mom of two decided to hire a professional matchmaker to help with her dating life after her split from her fiance, Georgi Rusev, but that didn’t go well either.

Darcey seemingly hit things off with a man, Cicero, whom she met through the service, but that was short-lived.

After being stood up twice by the businessman, Darcey realized he just wasn’t into her. His Instagram page also proved that he had eyes for someone else.

Darcey decided to part ways with the matchmaker and was later set up by her friend with a hot young hunk, named Zack.

Their first date went well, but Darcey was shocked to find out that Zack was celibate. Despite that hiccup, the pair seemed to be attracted to each other, so fans will have to watch and see how this one pans out.

Darcey & Stacey airs on Mondays at its new time, 9/8c, on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 months ago

Once she starts to act desperate, starts with the crying and wants to get engaged Zach will be long gone.