Victoria Larson has deactivated her social media accounts after her Bachelor elimination

Victoria Larson
Victoria Larson has deactivated her social media accounts. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Victoria Larson was eliminated last week after Matt James realized that they didn’t have a connection.

While it took Matt a while to get there, Bachelor viewers realized early on that she was not the one for him.

In fact, viewers believed that producers were asking Matt to keep her around for the sake of ratings.

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Even though Victoria wasn’t winning over viewers, her confidence did seem to win over Matt.

However, it appears things changed after she was eliminated on The Bachelor.

Victoria Larson appears to have deleted her social media

After she was eliminated on The Bachelor, Victoria decided to deactivate her account. @bachelornation.scoop shared a screenshot of her account, which appeared to have been wiped clean.

“Looks like Victoria deactivated her account,” the Instagram owner wrote on the screenshot.

Victoria Larson
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

It is surprising that Victoria chose to delete her social media accounts after she was eliminated from The Bachelor.

Throughout the time she was on the show, she faced criticism for the way she handled herself around the other women. Viewers called her a bully, but she didn’t feel bad about her behavior.

Victoria Larson was mocked by Matt James’ friend

Just last week, she decided to address viewers. She issued an apology, revealing that she felt bad if she had offended anyone.

While she did say sorry, it was clear that she didn’t really care if her personality rubbed people the wrong way.

As the show continued to air, it became clear that Victoria was not the only person who was mean. She became part of the mean girls, not the villain of the season. In other words, she started to share the burden of being the villain.

And yet, she still chose to delete her social media accounts.

In late January, Matt’s friend mocked Victoria’s body in an Instagram video, revealing that he wanted to know what it was like to make out with Victoria as he struggled to understand how Matt could have kissed her.

Victoria responded to the comments, revealing that she loved her body.

While Matt didn’t say anything to his friend at the moment, he later revealed that he didn’t agree with what was said and shared he had addressed it behind the scenes.

As for Victoria, we don’t know whether she’ll be back on social media.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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