Victoria Fuller jokes about her supposed breakup with The Bachelor star Chris Soules

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller jokes about her relationship with Chris Soules. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller was first introduced to the world on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

But after she failed to win Peter’s heart, she returned to Virginia Beach and settled into the normal routine she’d established in her pre-Bachelor days.

However, during the quarantine, Victoria’s life took a turn- after fellow Bachelor alum Chris Soules reached out to her, the two fell in love.

At the time that the rumors of the pairing first surfaced, Bachelor fans were both skeptical and confused. Victoria and Chris seemed like an odd couple.

However, they have stayed strong and managed to keep their relationship private for the most part.

Victoria Fuller jokes about supposed split with Chris Soules

Fans have taken to sharing rumors on Victoria’s Instagram profile.

Victoria recently shared a photo of herself that had nothing to do with Chris. In the comments, one person chimed in to explain a rumor she’d heard that Victoria and Chris were no longer together.

“They broke up I hear!!!” the fan wrote.

“Omg, they did???” Victoria replied.

Victoria Fuller
Pic credit: @vlfuller/Instagram

The commenter boldly replied, “yes.”

Victoria didn’t confirm or deny the rumor that they had split up, but she did seem to mock the idea that her personal relationship had become gossip.

Victoria Fuller has always been private about the relationship

It isn’t surprising that Victoria isn’t dishing the details about where she stands with Chris. Chris hasn’t confirmed anything either, but he generally keeps a low profile on social media and he hasn’t shared any photos of Victoria.

It was just last month that Victoria confirmed that she and Chris had been dating and that they were very happy.

“We’re really happy. The last few months have been really special for us. We’re enjoying each other!” she told PEOPLE.

Back in April, Monsters & Critics reported that there were rumors that Chris had slid into Victoria’s DMs on social media. Now, Victoria’s saying that this didn’t happen, as he has an old iPhone. She joked that the phone might not have been able to DM.

“He ended up texting me [in March], and we connected. Some people said he slid into my DMs, but he literally owns an iPhone 2 and can barely send out a text! But if he had, I would have responded,” she shared.

She also revealed that she was a bit nervous at first because they were both interested in each other. However, once they got over that hurdle, they were able to move on and be natural with one another.

“I think we were both really nervous,” Victoria explained. “But it wasn’t awkward. It felt really natural. And immediately, I was like, ‘I really like him!’ I felt a genuine connection. And Iowa is so quiet — we were able to just focus on each other and enjoy each other’s company.”

So – did they break up? Probably not.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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