Victoria Fuller appears to be back home in Virginia Beach but it may not be over with Chris Soules

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller is back home but what about Chris Soules? Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller surprised everyone when she suddenly showed up in Arlington, Iowa, with a former Bachelor contestant.

Victoria, who was first introduced to the world on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor this winter, was quarantining with Chris Soules, the Bachelor star from 2015.

Soules, who has stayed out of the Bachelor spotlight since he ended his engagement to Whitney Bischoff just months after proposing, invited Victoria to his farm for some quiet time during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The news was first shared by Reality Steve, who had no explanation as to what these two were doing together.

But based on her social media activity, it sounds like she has left the farm behind.

Victoria Fuller appears to have left Iowa

Yesterday, Victoria shared several stories of her making celery juice. The videos were zoomed in on the juicer and she had captioned the videos with the many benefits of the juice. But in the last story of the day, she shared a view of the water from what appeared to be an apartment.

The picture is not from Chris Soules’ farm in Iowa. It is more suited as a photo from Virginia Beach, where she lives. In other words, Victoria may have gone home.

Victoria appears to be back home after spending a few weeks in Iowa. Pic credit: @vlfuller/Instagram

The picture didn’t have a caption confirming she was back home, and she didn’t write anything about her being alone, missing Chris, or if she was now in a relationship. So what’s up?

Are Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules officially an item?

Of course, we don’t know if Victoria and Chris are officially an item after spending a few weeks together in quarantine. However, Victoria has dropped a few hints about her relationship status.

For one, she called herself a “farm girl” on social media while sharing a picture of herself in a bronze dress. The photo appears to be from Soules’ living room. When someone told her that she would never be a farm girl, she replied that it was too late.

Then, yesterday Chris posted a photo of himself holding up what appears to be a family member.

Chris Soules
Chris Soules is getting some love from Victoria on Instagram. Pic credit: @souleschris/Instagram

Victoria commented on the photo with a single black heart emoji. The comment got over 90 likes and fans started questioning whether she could really live the farm life.

Ben Higgins recently spoke out about their romance as he’s close friends with Chris. He shared that he had no prior idea that Chris and Victoria would be spending time in quarantine. He added that he was slightly disappointed over the fact that he hadn’t been told that they were together, as Chris had kept it all a secret despite them being friends.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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