Ben Higgins says he’s shocked by Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller’s secret quarantine

Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins says he didn’t know about Chris Soules’ romance with Victoria Fuller. Pic credit: @higgins.ben/Instagram

The Bachelor star Ben Higgins had no idea that his friend was working on a possible new romance as the country shut down for quarantine.

Ben has stayed close with Chris Soules since they both appeared as Bachelors on The Bachelor and they have continued their friendship in private.

But Higgins is now revealing that he had no idea that Chris was planning on pursuing Victoria Fuller in private after she appeared on Peter Weber’s season of the show.

In fact, he had no idea that Chris had even watched the show and taken an interest in Victoria. He apparently learned of them quarantining together when the rest of the world did.

Now, Ben is speaking out about it and he wishes he had known before everyone else.

Ben Higgins says he wishes he knew about Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller

Ben admits he’s shocked that Chris and Victoria are together, and says that he doesn’t know what it is they are doing. Is it a romance or is it just a friendship?

“Chris is a good buddy of mine,” Ben told Us Weekly after learning the news. “We’ve stayed friends and we’ve stayed in communication through his ups and downs and through my ups and downs. I will tell you this, he has not confirmed or denied to me as a friend if this is happening. … I don’t know her, but I’m shocked that it happened.”

Ben also reveals that Chris is one of the sweetest guys he has ever met and he does wish that Soules finds love. But Ben adds that he really wishes that Chris had talked to him about it, as they are friends.

“Chris is one of the best looking dudes and one of the kindest-hearted dudes I’ve ever met. So if he’s found somebody that’s kept him the same way through this, then good on him. I just wish he would talk to me about it.”

During the interview, Ben also pointed out that Victoria and Chris are very different. Whereas Chris is very shy and quiet, Victoria is very outspoken.

“Victoria seemed a lot more outspoken than Chris. Chris is a super quiet, shy guy,” Higgins said. “He has a great family. He’s really good at what he does. He’s a great farmer, and I didn’t see that side of Victoria. That doesn’t — none of that relates with her.”

Ben Higgins wasn’t aware of Chris’ intentions with Victoria

As explained above, Ben had no idea that Chris was planning on reaching out to Victoria and inviting her to his farm in Arlington, Iowa. It was Reality Steve who first broke the story about them spending time together.

After the news came out, details of how they got together surfaced. Chris supposedly slipped into Victoria’s DMs after The Bachelor ended. While we don’t know the details, he must have invited her to his farm at some point knowing that the stay-at-home orders would soon take effect.

Then, Victoria started posting to her Instagram account. First, she shared a picture of a puzzle, cryptically saying she was growing tired of them, then she posted a photo of herself with the caption ‘farm life’ on it, essentially confirming what everyone already knew.

The only thing we don’t know is whether they are truly an item or if they are just friends, bonding over their Bachelor experiences.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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