Victoria Fuller and Deandra Kanu respond after being asked if they’ll go on Bachelor in Paradise 

Deandra Kanu
Victoria Fuller and Deandra Kanu receive questions about Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise is set to return for its eighth season, and fans are eager to know which Bachelor Nation alum will be on the island.

Several Bachelor Nation stars have already expressed interest in going to paradise and even listed out the top alum within the franchise that they’d want to meet on the summer spinoff.

The Bachelor Season 24 stars Victoria Fuller and Deandra Kanu recently shared their responses regarding where they stand on joining the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast.

Victoria Fuller and Deandra Kanu weigh in on Bachelor in Paradise

Victoria Fuller took to her Instagram stories and allowed her followers to ask her questions. 

Fans have been curious about whether Victoria plans to return to the franchise since she last appeared on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. 

While Victoria has done watch parties where she throws shade at Bachelor in Paradise, fans wanted to know if she’ll be appearing on the hit summer spinoff. 

One commenter asked directly, “Are you ever goin to paradise?” 

Interestingly, Victoria didn’t give a yes or no answer and instead wrote an ominous “standby..” 

Victoria Fuller's Instagram story
Pic credit: @vlfuller/Instagram

Meanwhile, Deandra Kanu also opened up on her Instagram stories for followers to ask questions or seek advice. 

Deandra was questioned about paradise when a fan asked, “Are you going to BIP?” 

While Victoria didn’t confirm or deny going to paradise, Deandra’s response was more straightforward. 

Deandra responded, “I said I was done with questions but y’all had so many good ones I don’t want them to disappear. Also – BIP, noo I will not be present. They will have to find someone else to commentate.”

Deandra Kanu's Instagram story
Pic credit: @deandrakanu/Instagram

Deandra Kanu offers up her advice on finding love 

Victoria Fuller has never been on Bachelor in Paradise, but Deandra did go on the island when she joined the BIP Season 7 cast. 

Deandra didn’t have the most successful time on the show, as she only ever had fleeting connections with Bachelor Nation men on the beach. 

Ultimately, Deandra left the beach single, and she recently shared where she now stands when it comes to looking for love after trying to look for it on both The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. 

When a fan asked Deandra for advice on “losing/finding love in your 20s,” Deandra provided her thoughtful response. 

Deandra wrote, “I’m 25 and anytime I express heartbreak to someone their response is always ‘you’re so young you have so much time.’ It may feel like the end of the earth now, but really try to put into perspective that there is no right or wrong time to meet your person. My advice is don’t let old flings/love linger too long because it just blocks anything new and fresh from forming in your life.” 

Deandra added, “Don’t look for love. It won’t find you when you chase it. Look at everything else lol. That’s usually when it catches you.” 

Deandra Kanu's Instagram story
Pic credit: @deandrakanu/Instagram

Which Bachelor Nation stars would you like to see on Bachelor in Paradise?

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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