Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are madly in love: Kelley Flanagan dishes details

Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller
Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are madly in love. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules may be one of the most surprising couples to come out of the Bachelor franchise.

Not only did they compete on different seasons of the show years apart, but they are also very different in all aspects.

When Reality Steve first announced that he had proof that Victoria was visiting Chris in Arlington, Iowa, on his farm, he was puzzled over the pairing.

The two started sharing hints that they were together, but never actually confirmed anything until months later.

Kelley Flanagan has revealed she knew they were together, and she has talked with Victoria about it.

Victoria Fuller may have met Chris Soules through Kelsey

Kelley and Peter Weber sat down with ET’s Lauren Zima this week, who asked them about everything from Bachelor Nation to their relationship.

And since Kelley knows Victoria from The Bachelor, Lauren asked her about Victoria’s surprising relationship with Chris.

She explained that Victoria is “madly in love” with Chris.

“I’ve talked to her a little bit,” Flanagan said to Lauren, adding, “I mean, I’m happy for them. Good for them.”

As it turns out, Kelsey Weier may have played a role in the couple meeting. As fans recall, she’s from Des Moines, Iowa. She placed fourth on Peter’s season.

“I think Kelsey may have had a connection with Chris, and put them in contact,” Flanagan shared. “I think everything’s great and everything’s working out, and I think she’s madly in love with him. Good for both of them. That makes me happy.”

“I really like Chris. I met him a couple of times, and he’s a really good dude, so I’m really happy for the both of them,” Peter added.

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules were previously believed to have met via DMs

It was previously believed Chris slid into her DMs after her appearance on The Bachelor. Some believe this happened at some point in April, about a month after The Bachelor wrapped up on television.

For weeks, Victoria shared photos and hints that she was with Chris, knowing people were tweeting and inquiring about it.

Chris and Victoria went public on social media in mid-June by posing for a photo together at a restaurant after having lunch.

However, they continue to be quiet and private about their relationship.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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