Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules finally go public with an adorable photo

Chris and Victoria
Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller finally went public with their relationship. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules have finally opened up about their relationship. For almost two months, the pair didn’t say anything though there was mounting evidence that Victoria and Chris were together.

It was Reality Steve who broke the news that Victoria was in Iowa in quarantine with Chris.

Fans didn’t believe it at first, as the two appear to be an odd match.

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However, Victoria appears thrilled to be on the farm in Iowa and she has shared stories from her time with Chris on his Arlington Farm.

Now, the two have shared a photo of them together in Virginia Beach, revealing that he’s also traveling to see her.

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules finally go public with their relationship

The picture was taken by a third party of Chris and Victoria at the Leaping Lizard Cafe. She’s holding him around his torso and he has his arm around her.

The picture definitely screams dating, not just a friendship. They are both dressed up for the visit.

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules
Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules finally go public with their relationship. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

Chris and Victoria didn’t share the photo themselves. Instead, the photo was shared on the Leaping Lizard Cafe’s Instagram account, who wrote “Loved having the cutest Bachelor couple join us for lunch today! Thanks for coming” in the photo’s caption.

Even though the idea of them together had first confused fans, seeing them together reveals a caring couple who appear thrilled and happy together.

@bachelorteaspill, the Instagram account that shared the photo above, revealed, “I actually love them together.”

Victoria Fuller had been teasing fans for months

After Reality Steve announced that Victoria was in Iowa on Chris’ farm back in April, she started teasing fans with updates. While she didn’t confirm or deny the news that she was dating Chris, she would share similar Instagram Stories as Chris when they were together.

She also tagged himself at his farm in one photo of her posing in a dress in a living room.

Victoria recently teased fans with a photo of white roses that Chris appeared to have sent to her. The two supposedly met after Chris reached out to her via DMs.

Other than her relationship posts, Victoria recently spoke out about the racism problem in the country.

While on The Bachelor, she won a Cosmopolitan cover. However, the cover was pulled after it was revealed she had participated in a campaign called White Lives Matter, a pun on the Black Lives Matter movement.

The campaign was meant to bring attention to the white marlins, but the campaign was seen as racist. She recently spoke out about her work with the company, revealing she was part of the problem.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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