Victoria F and Peter’s ex Merissa had a confrontation in a bar after filming The Bachelor

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller ran into Melissa Pence after filming. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller wanted her hometown date with Peter Weber to be memorable and fun. And while it was fun for a while, it became memorable for an entirely different reason — after Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence, showed up and took him aside to warn him about Victoria.

She felt that Victoria wasn’t the right fit for him and that he needed to end things right away.

Merissa and Victoria didn’t see one another at the concert date where Merissa warned Peter, so she was blindsided by the news later that night.

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But Victoria knew it was Merissa who warned Peter about her, as Peter laid everything out on the table after the concert. Needless to say, Victoria wasn’t happy about it.

Victoria Fuller and Merissa Pence had a confrontation in a bar after The Bachelor filmed

It turns out a lot more has happened since The Bachelor drama that fans saw during last night’s episode unfolded.

Merissa revealed in an exclusive interview that she and Victoria have seen one another since Fuller returned from filming — and it didn’t go well.

“We had a semi-confrontation at one of the local bars here a couple of weekends after she got back from The Bachelor,” Merissa told ET!.

She claims that Victoria yelled “You’re a f**king loser!” from across the bar.

“Those words do not hurt me, and I was confident in what I did,” Merissa adds. “I don’t take any offence to that. It is what it is, but I think that’s just her way of expressing that she’s upset, which is fine.”

When Victoria returned home from filming in November, she posted a long message on Instagram, claiming that the truth had yet to be told.

While she didn’t mention Merissa by name, she did say that everyone has a story to tell, including her. She also made a point of saying that “bullying is not okay”.

Victoria Fuller may need to answer some questions during Women Tell All special

In early December, Monsters & Critics reported how Victoria had a run-in with a woman in a bar over what had happened on The Bachelor.

We knew that her name was Merissa and that she wasn’t part of the actual The Bachelor cast. Thanks to spoilers, we also knew that she was the woman who had warned Peter about Fuller.

At the time, Reality Steve claimed that Victoria had been asked to leave the bar after the confrontation and that she had locked herself in the bathroom. Apparently, she claimed that Merissa wanted to fight her.

Since production decided to blur out her face during her appearance, Merissa didn’t get the chance to share everything she knows about Victoria, although many fans want her to appear at the Women Tell All special.

In addition, Victoria hasn’t said much about the events that happened on her hometown date. Instead, she posted a photo of her and Peter, thanking him for always being so understanding and believing in her.

It sounds like she’ll get a lot of airtime on the Women Tell All in hopes of clearing the air.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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