The Bachelor fans want Merissa brought back for the Women Tell All episode

Merissa Pence
Fans want to hear more from Merissa Pence. Pic credit: @merissapence/Instagram

The Bachelor star Peter Weber experienced a blast from the past during last night’s episode.

While on his hometown date with Victoria F, his ex-girlfriend Merissa Pence showed up to warn him about Victoria F.

Peter was happy to see her at first, but when she told him to watch out for the woman he was currently on a date with, his mood changed. This was clearly not the news he had been hoping to hear.

In the episode, the woman’s face was blurred out, but he called her by her name, so it didn’t take long for people to start searching for her.

Merissa — which many people confused as being spelled Marissa — actually dated Peter back in 2012 for five months, but he clearly had nothing but respect for her as she showed up during the episode to say hi and to warn him.

Merissa should appear on the Women Tell All special

Merissa didn’t spill the details about what she knew. But she knows Victoria through mutual friends, and merely wanted to warn Peter about Victoria.

It was clear that he wanted more information from her, but she decided to keep it civil. Earlier this week, Merissa opened up about her relationship with Peter and what she knew about Victoria, revealing that Victoria had once threatened to slash her tires because Merissa was hanging out with Fuller’s ex-boyfriend.

She also revealed that Victoria changed after learning she was going to be on The Bachelor.

Her appearance on last night’s episode of The Bachelor wasn’t enough. Fans want to hear more from her and Twitter users started suggesting that she should get to tell her story on the Women Tell All special.

Since producers blurred out her face, they may not have an interest in bringing her on the show to reveal what she knows about Victoria. But could it still happen?

One fan suggests starting a petition to get Merissa on the show

Many people hoped that Merissa would come on The Bachelor’s Women Tell All so she could reveal the truth about Victoria F. One person even hoped that they would get in an argument, so they could hash out whatever their issues may be.

Another suggested that viewers should create a petition to get Merissa on the Women Tell All special.

While said petition has yet to see the light of day, it would be interesting to hear what Merissa knows about Victoria. On the other hand, Victoria isn’t in the final three, which means she will be able to share her story on the Women Tell All special.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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