Who is Peter Weber’s ex Merissa Pence? She warns him about Victoria F during hometown date

Peter Weber
Peter Weber learns some news about Victoria from his ex-girlfriend. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s ex-girlfriend Merissa Pence will make a guest appearance during hometown dates.

Unlike Hannah Brown, she isn’t on the show to ask Peter to get back together.

Instead, she came on to the show to warn Peter about Victoria F, as Merissa knows Victoria from hanging out with mutual friends.

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Merissa and Peter dated for about five months several years ago, and there’s even photographic evidence of them together on Instagram.

Despite breaking up, they appear to be cordial and friendly with one another.

While the details of their conversation aren’t known, it is clear by the previews for tonight’s episode that Peter believes what Merissa is telling him and confronts Victoria about it.

The previews hint that Victoria and Peter’s hometown date ends abruptly, and he doesn’t meet her parents.

But who is Peter’s ex who appears to get in between Peter and Victoria?

Peter Weber’s ex Merissa appears to be successful

At first glance, Merissa appears to be a private person and only came on The Bachelor to help out a former flame.

Merissa appears to be working in marketing. Her LinkedIn profile reveals she works as a marketing coordinator at the MSP Design Group.

She’s been working there since February 2018, where she’s responsible for developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans.

She previously worked as a Director of Social Media at the House of Maya Online.

Both jobs are in Norfolk, Virginia, which explains the connection to Victoria F.

Pence also has a post on her Instagram profile from the Bachelor Mansion. It appears that she’s following along Peter’s journey to find love.

Peter Weber’s ex’s Instagram is very revealing

She has an open Instagram, which appears to capture the essence of who she is. In many of her photos, she’s posing as a model, and she appears to do professional photo shoots on occasion.

She’s also a fan of posting motivational and inspirational quotes to her followers.

Several of her posts reveal she’s into working out, and she enjoys a good boxing workout, often checking in at Prevail Boxing.

She’s also a family person. Even though it doesn’t appear that she has children of her own, she is a proud aunt, and you can find photos of her adorable niece on her Instagram account.

During tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Merissa shows up on Victoria’s hometown date to tell Peter something about Victoria. As we’ve previously reported, Victoria and Merissa had met through mutual friends, but never really grew close.

As Merissa has previously revealed, Victoria threatened to slash her tires because she was hanging around an ex-boyfriend of hers.

She also explained that when Victoria was chosen for The Bachelor, she became arrogant and rude to everyone around her. Plus, she appears to have a reputation for ruining relationships and marriages.

Her past issues have not aired on The Bachelor. However, Reality Steve’s website has discussed many of the stories that have come out about her.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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