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Vicki Gunvalson says Kelly Dodd is ‘an absolutely vile person’ but feels empathy for her mom’s battle with COVID-19,

Vicki Dodd says Kelly Dodd is a vile person, but feels sympathy for her mom's COVID-19 battle
Vicki Gunvalson expresses sympathy for Kelly Dodd’s mom. Pic credit: Bravo

Vicki Gunvalson is responding to the news that Kelly Dodd’s mom Bobbi Meza is currently in the ICU battling COVID-19.

The Real Housewives of Orange County OG has had a tumultuous relationship with Dodd over the past few years. And since leaving the popular show, the two women have traded insults on social media and during interviews.

Despite the bad blood, however, Vicki is empathetic towards Kelly’s mom.

But as for feeling the same about Kelly, that would be a stretch!

Vicki expresses sadness about Kelly Dodd’s mom

During a recent interview with Champion, the 58-year old gave her views on the heartbreaking news about Bobbi Meza’s battle with COVID-19.

I am saddened to hear of Kelly’s mom being in the ICU with Covid– and hope she gets a speedy recovery,” Vicki said.

However, she added, “It would be remiss for anyone to not think about and recall the endless months Kelly has spent making a complete mockery of the virus. While everyone is frustrated with the current situation in the world- and understandably so- Kelly has gone above and beyond to completely make a joke out of it- the virus, mask wearing, the people dying from it, and more.”

“Let us not forget she claimed coronavirus was God’s way of thinning the herd,”  Vicki noted. “If she really feels that way, then is her Mom part of the herd God should be thinning? One would think not…”

The former Orange County Housewife is referring to Dodd’s actions during the early days of the Coronavirus.

The newly married RHOC star made several ignorant comments about the disease and came under fire from fans for traveling and not taking the deadly virus seriously.

Vicki calls Kelly Dodd a ‘vile person’

During her chat with the media outlet, Vicki continued to air her disdain for her former friend.

She made a jab at the fact that Kelly and her mom are seemingly not on speaking terms at the moment.

The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member has spoken about the rocky relationship with Bobbi during past episodes of the show.

However, last season, Kelly shared that she and Bobbi were mending their relationship. But now it seems that something has caused a rift in their relationship once again.

“It’s interesting to note it seems Kelly may not even be in contact with her Mom at this point,” Vicki pointed out.

She continued, “An Instagram exchange showed her brother asking for prayers for their Mom in the ICU and Kelly responding that her Mom has her blocked. What this comes down to is Kelly is an absolutely vile person. I, of course, feel empathy for her Mom and anyone else who is dealing with the coronavirus and deeply sick from it. What I don’t feel, though, is any empathy for Kelly.”

“How can I feel bad for her dealing with this horrible situation after she’s made a complete mockery of the virus and, by doing so, the hundreds of thousands of people who have died from it?”

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