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Tyler Cameron’s live-tweeting of Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart is all you need during quarantine

Tyler Cameron was watching The Bachelor presents: Listen To Your Heart
Tyler Cameron provided plenty of commentary for Bachelor fans during the new spinoff. Pic credit: ©

Tyler Cameron is someone who knows a thing or two about the Bachelor franchise. He appeared in the previous season of The Bachelorette.

While he didn’t win Hannah Brown’s heart in the end, he did stick around to the final proposal before being sent home. Now, he’s sharing his Bachelor Nation knowledge as he decided to live-tweet Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart last night.

And of course, Tyler couldn’t help but throw some subtle shade at Jed Wyatt, someone he got to know personally on The Bachelorette.

Tyler Cameron keeps an honest and hilarious tone on Twitter

During last night’s premiere episode of Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart, Tyler went on Twitter and one of his first tweets was a sweet message to Chris Harrison.

Hearing Chris’ voice on his television was a calming sense of normalcy for Tyler, as he made reference to both Cameron’s role in the Bachelor world and him being in quarantine.

But Tyler was all about the drama and the tears, key elements of any Bachelor show.

Tyler also tweeted that Chris’ comment that the contestants could possibly become the next Beyonce and Jay Z by appearing on the show was a bit outlandish. He compared it to him becoming a horse jockey – a subtle way of saying that it wasn’t going to happen.

Like so many viewers, Tyler also quickly found his favorites for the season. Plus, he had some solid advice for Sheridan, who felt less than Julia because of her work with children who suffer from cystic fibrosis.

As Tyler said, a man can win over a woman if he’s persistent and caring, giving Bachelor In Paradise’s prime example of Hannah Goodwin and Dylan Barbour.

Tyler even called out ABC for their tweet about The Bachelor vs. Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’s dates. In a tweet, the show’s official account hinted that going on a date and writing a song together increases the chances of a love connection.

But Tyler respectfully disagreed, saying that he needed to take over the account to give fans some honest talk. As fans already know, dates on The Bachelor can also create some amazing success stories.

Even though Tyler may not be able to sing like some of the contestants, he does know how to dance. And while ABC producers may not put him on the show for his dance moves, he did volunteer himself when luggage guy Trent from The Bachelor suggested that producers put someone in the house who couldn’t sing.

That could provide quite the entertainment for viewers.

At the end of the night, Tyler revealed he was thankful that Ryan was kept on the show. Ryan proved himself to be the sweetheart of the first episode, so Tyler revealed he could sleep peacefully knowing he was kept around.

Tyler Cameron also had a few references to Jed Wyatt

Throughout his live-tweeting, Tyler also made references to Jed Wyatt, the man who won Hannah Brown’s heart on The Bachelorette. It was Jed who proposed to Hannah after Tyler was sent home.

And since Tyler knows Jed personally, he didn’t hold back on the Jed-related tweets either. We’ve gathered a few of them for you here.

Cameron also joked that Trevor on Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart had many of the same traits and clothing as Jed had on the show. And in a single tweet, he wrote that someone hadn’t warned Jamie about what comes with that look that Trevor was pulling off.

He also guessed that Jamie hadn’t watched the newest season of The Bachelorette that aired last year.

Jed actually watched the episode while in quarantine with his new girlfriend. Even though everyone thought he was jealous that he wasn’t on that show, Jed actually revealed he was thrilled to be home and not at the mansion.

His Bachelorette experience wasn’t that pleasant. After Hannah B learned that he had kept a romance alive at home while being on the show, Jed revealed that his family had been threatened. Hannah and Jed ended their engagement just weeks later and she pursued both Tyler and Peter Weber following their split.

Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.