Tyler Cameron reveals obsessed fan showed up to join quarantine, local police speak out

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron reveals a woman showed up at his house. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron is one of the more popular men in The Bachelorette franchise these days.

Fans want to meet him, Bachelor women want to date him, and the guys want to hang with him.

And apparently, a woman from Hawaii wants to be with him during the quarantine.

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She traveled all the way from Honolulu to his home in Jupiter, Florida to be with him during this time now that Hannah has left.

The police had to get involved to solve the issue.

Tyler Cameron’s story involves the police now

PageSix reports that no arrests were made after the woman showed up at his private home with her dog and two suitcases.

No restraining orders were filed either, but the police did document the incident. She’s not labeled as an intruder.

The police aren’t planning on monitoring his home more than usual, as the police are already doing routine patrols through Jupiter.

Monsters & Critics first broke the news yesterday that Tyler had shared the news on Instagram Stories.

At the time, Tyler had gone with his friends to find food during their quarantine. He revealed that his brother had stayed behind.

His brother called him, saying there was a woman outside of Tyler’s house with her dog and two suitcases.

Apparently, she was ready to join him in quarantine now that Hannah B had gone home.

“I cannot make this up,” Cameron said at the time, laughing at the whole situation. “There is a lady outside of our house. We have no idea who she is. She has her dog and two suitcases … this is out of control.”

Tyler revealed the woman contacted several of his friends who were staying with him in quarantine at his house.

She showed up at the house in a cab, wearing a white hoodie. She waved at the house, shouting, “Brown Bear! Brown Bear!”

She supposedly also revealed that she had been dating Tyler since Valentine’s Day, something he denies.

Tyler Cameron could be dating Hannah B

If Tyler is dating anyone, it’s Hannah Brown. The two stayed together in quarantine after they appeared to rekindle their friendship after the dramatic Bachelorette finale.

Hannah ended up rejecting his proposal, choosing Jed Wyatt instead. But after her relationship with him crumbled over secrets, she asked Tyler for a second chance.

For months, the two of them explored other options, but now, they are reconnecting.

Neither of them has confirmed a relationship.

Tyler recently got defensive after a fan said that Hannah B could do so much better than Tyler in her dating life. That’s one sign that he could be dating her or at least be casually seeing her.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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