Does Tyler Cameron think that he’s the perfect guy for Hannah after their quarantine together?

Tyler Cameron Hannah
Is Tyler Cameron the right man for Hannah Brown? Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron isn’t eager to step forward and declare his love for Hannah Brown.

However, during the past couple of weeks, the former Bachelorette couple has spent time together in isolation.

But late last week, Hannah decided to go back to be with her family in Alabama. She will self-isolate with them going forward since the required time for quarantining is taking longer than expected.

Fans followed Tik Tok and Instagram posts from Tyler and Hannah as they self-isolated. Still, the two didn’t share anything about giving their relationship a second chance.

For months, fans hoped the couple would rekindle their romance but Tyler started dating other women.

Now they are both single again and fans want them to give it a shot. In fact, when one person on social media said that Hannah could do much better than Tyler, the reality star appeared to take the diss seriously.

So, what’s the deal here?

Tyler Cameron calls out the cat ladies on social media

The conversation came by way of an Instagram user called @tahhler, a fan account dedicated to Hannah B and Tyler’s relationship, as captured by Cosmopolitan.

“Move on people .. Hannah will choose the perfect guy for her one day it’s not Tyler .. and the crew is boring without her, her and Ryan and Matt were the best,” one user wrote about Hannah and Tyler’s relationship.

That’s when Tyler fired back.

“How many cats do you have?” he asked.

To put that in context, the user named @shellthomas_66, has plenty of Instagram photos of her cats.

On Twitter, Tyler continued to talk about cat ladies, revealing that moms with cats had plenty of things to say about him but he still wasn’t “backing down.”

It sounds like he’s ready to fight to prove that he could be the right fit for Hannah.

Tyler Cameron calls Hannah B a good friend

It’s very interesting that Tyler is upset about someone calling him out for not being a good fit for Hannah. After all, he just said he considers her to be a good friend.

It’s no secret that the two enjoy a great friendship. They spent time together on The Bachelorette, almost got engaged, and then spent weeks together at Tyler’s Jupiter home while in self-isolation.

Throughout this time, Hannah has joked about Tyler’s package size and the two have recreated Bachelorette moments for their fans on social media.

It’s not like he’s rushing back to Gigi Hadid either. As Monsters & Critics noted, Tyler recently revealed that Gigi was back with her old boyfriend and that there is no chance of them hooking up again.

So, why would Tyler be so defensive if he didn’t have or want a relationship with Hannah?

The Bachelorette is currently postponed due to coronavirus.

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3 years ago

Tyler and Hannah you to don’t listen to people’s garbage you do what you want if you date great if not great too you got to start somewhere maybe she left was because she was getting those feelings again and she needed take a break and see by going away if she felt the same like missing him I think they make a great couple they balance each other out. I say if meant to be it will happen give it time Hannah wanted to spend time with Tyler besides his mom and the virus she stayed longer. I wish both of them the best.