Tyler Cameron updates Bachelorette fans on Hannah Brown and Gigi Hadid

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette
Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have The Bachelorette fans looking for proof they are together. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have been driving The Bachelorette fans crazy over the last few weeks as everyone seemingly wants to know if they have rekindled their romance while spending time in quarantine together.

Now we’ve learned that the Quarantine Crew is no more after Hannah headed home to Alabama, causing those following along to wonder why she left and if something went wrong.

It looks like Tyler and Hannah are still good though, but when it comes to whether or not they are a couple, we are still waiting for a definitive answer.

Tyler updates fans on status with Hannah Brown on TikTok

Like quite a few other Bachelor Nation stars, Tyler Cameron has been showing up on social media a lot lately, but it was when he crashed a Zoom call that he gave an update on his status with Hannah Brown.

What did it say? Not much.

Tyler said that he and Hannah are “good friends” but didn’t expand on that even though they looked really, really friendly during their quarantine time together, and are rumored to have shared a bed.

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Hannah and Tyler came back together at the end of February after his mom died. She came to the memorial, then headed back home.

As the coronavirus pandemic began to take hold in the U.S., Hannah returned to Florida, and ended up spending a few weeks with Tyler Cameron, supporting him after his mother’s death.

And while neither Hannah or Tyler have admitted to anything romantic, it’s pretty obvious that the pair still have amazing chemistry.

Even they must know it because The Bachelorette stars teased fans like crazy with things like the TikTok video where Tyler joked that he “finally got in Hannah’s pants” and flirty games of Spin the Bottle. Not to mention that time that Hannah teased about Tyler’s “package.”

Tyler comments on Gigi Hadid too

In the same clip, Tyler is asked about his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid. The two dated after Hannah Brown dumped him on The Bachelorette, but obviously, they have since split.

Tyler responded, calling Gigi a “good girl.” Then he revealed that she was “dating her old man now,” referring to Zayn Malik.

The Bachelorette filming has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and will resume later this year. 

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