Two Temptation Island cast members get fresh ink

Season 1’s Jack and Nicole talk in the girls villa. Pic credit: USA Network

Season 1’s Evan and Jack posted videos and pictures on Instagram Live of the new ink they received in LA over the weekend. These two cast members have the most ink aside from Season 1’s Karl who has his neck tattooed as well as his arms.

In LA, COVID-19 restrictions have eased up enough for people to start getting tattooed again, and these two took advantage of that.

What did they get?

Jack had a lot of tattoos when he was on Temptation Island. In Episode 3, Kaci was admiring them and talking about how she wanted a sleeve in the future.

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He currently has a deer on his shoulder, writing over his chest, a forest landscape on his forearm, and a character from the movie “Spirited Away” on his knuckle to name a few.

The fresh ink he got was done on the middle of his back, and it depicts a butterfly with a knife going through it, done in American traditional style.

TI Season 1’s Jack gets a tattoo on his back. Pic credit: @capta1n_jack/Instagram

Evan, who is a native of Los Angeles, got a realism portrayal of a certain area of Figueroa Street in LA.

Evan got most of the tattoos he has now after going on Temptation Island. On the show he only had two visible tattoos; one on his ribs, he has “I am my brothers’ keeper” written in cursive, and roman numerals on his forearm.

Evan posts his new tattoo on IG Live. Pic credit: @evanchristiansmith/Instagram

In his latest IG post, you can see that he has added to his collection with a clock design on that same forearm, and what looks like a ship on his chest.

Who else has tattoos?

Season 2’s KB, has a very visible tattoo on his forearm that reads “MOMMAS BOY” in block lettering among other tattoos on his hand and arms.

Brittney, who made it to the last date on Season 1, is one of the only girls from the show that has a tattoo. She has a flock of doves around her shoulder and back.

Some of the other boys from both seasons have some tattoos on their arms, and it has been hard to tell so far if any of the cast of Season 3 has had much work done.

Although there’s not a lot of TI participants that are tattooed, all of the cast members are still eye candy.

Temptation Island has couples wondering whether to continue with their current issues and fix the relationship or to move on alone or with someone new as they date other people on the show.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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