Temptation Island’s Evan Smith seems to confirm that he does not have a job like exes claim

Temptation Island’s Evan Smith spends a lot of time being leisure instead of holding down a job. Pic credit: @evanchristiansmith/Instagram

Evan Smith posts a rotation of videos of himself at the gym, smoking, hanging out with his dog, chilling in his living room watching Temptation Island, and doing recreational activities like jet-skiing. 

His ex-girlfriends Kaci Campbell and Morgan Lolar have long been saying that Evan is a lying deadbeat that has not held down a job in many years.  They also claim he manipulates situations to get out of paying for things. 

For example, Morgan said that his credit card has a worn-out chip and card reader so it doesn’t get accepted anywhere, meaning someone else has to pay when his gets declined and he promises to pay them back.

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Evan has a Linktree on his Instagram that leads to his OnlyFans where he charges $15 per month and does not have a bio or specify anything about the content. From his IG posts, it looks like he is working with some Photographers, but it does not appear that modeling is something he does often.

What his exes are saying

Morgan put out a YouTube video where she delved into Evan’s lies and deceit in great detail, highlighting the fact Evan is a con artist, manipulator, and narcissist. She claimed TI production believed that Evan owned restaurants, traveled the world, took care of his family, and was a millionaire, so she did too.

After Morgan’s breakup from Evan, she reached out to his other ex, Kaci, and they joined each other on Us Weekly’s podcast Watch With US where they talked more about their bad experiences with Evan.

Regarding Evan’s financials, Kaci said “Evan is very much a man of patterns. What he wants is a comfortable situation. He wants his bills paid”. 

She went on to say as soon as that new situation he has found gets a little uncomfortable and you start putting pressure on him, like, ‘You need to get a job, get your own health insurance, and be an adult,’ he bails.”

Morgan harkened some similar thoughts on the podcast, stating “He didn’t work the entire time that he lived with me for almost a year and a half. I supported him financially and his excuse for abruptly leaving two days before we were supposed to move to L.A. was that he needed to go ‘work’ to be able to pay me back.”

Some viewers dismissed claims made by Evan’s exes as them being bitter about him moving on with his life and leaving them behind, while others are team Kaci and Morgan.

Will he pay them back?

When Morgan pressed Evan to pay her back for all the things she cashed out on, Evan said that he would give her the money as soon as he could access the money from his late fathers’ trust in 2020. 

He revealed during his introduction on Temptation Island that his father went missing in 2012, and his remains were found in 2014. He was murdered by the husband of the woman his father was cheating on his mother with.

2020 came and went, and Morgan hasn’t reported seeing any of that money she says she is owed.

On social media, between Evan’s multiple sessions at the gym a day and his living room hangouts with his dog, it is hard to say where Evan gets his income from, aside from any money being on Temptation Island.

Evan at the gym for a second time in one day. Pic credit: @evanchristiansmith/Instagram

Evan did not make any friends in the aftermath of his time on Season 1 of Temptation Island. He left his girlfriend of five years, Kaci Campbell, on the Island to begin a new relationship with temptress Morgan Lolar. He proposed to Morgan after six months, but in late 2020 he broke off the engagement and left for LA without her.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays at 10/9 on USA.

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