Temptation Island preview: Couples put to the test as date selection starts

Temptation Island singles are trying hard to impress and score a date with the people in relationships. Pic credit: USA Network

Last week we saw Season 3 of Temptation Island kick off as we were introduced to the four couples who began their journey of dating other people to find out whether they want to remain in their relationship, go home alone, or leave with someone else.

We also met the sexy singles who will be vying for the attention and affection of the participants in relationships. The single men will be staying in an oceanside villa with the girls, as the single girls will be staying in a separate villa with the boys.

If past seasons reveal anything, it is that there will be no shortage of drama, parties, and intimate moments that will put the relationships to the test. The singles did not come to play, they came to find love and further the journey of those in relationships.

What did the trailer reveal?

The steamy trailer began with host Mark Walberg announcing that its time for date selection. The first date selection is famously done in front of the significant others, leading to some jealous and catty moments, with an overall tense tone during the event. The quote that could be heard during the trailer for this scene is “his girlfriend should be concerned”.

A mention was made by one of the boyfriends during the trailer that they already feel a strong connection with one of the single girls. This comment reveals that the temptation is real, and the singles are trying hard to sway feelings.

Check out what is in store for this weeks spicy episode. Pic credit: @temptationtv/Instagram

It also looks like a sexy costume party takes place full of lap dances and body shots that could push the boundaries set in place by some of the couples

The issues the couples are trying to overcome

Julian and Kristen have been together for eleven years, and Julian’s past infidelities have Kristen needing proof that he has changed.

Corey is a shy and introverted guy who his girlfriend Erin says is a safe bet. Erin is an outgoing ex-pro soccer player who has dated other famous athletes in the past. Her comparison of Corey to her exes has chiseled away at Corey’s confidence and has left both of them wondering if they are a good match.

Erica and Kendal came to the island with no rules and open minds. Kendal says he is ready to settle down and get married, but both question if this relationship can go to the next level.

The couples watch and comment as they check out the competition. Pic credit: USA Network

Thomas and Chelsea came to the island to put Chelsea’s trust issues and insecurities to rest. She worries that Thomas’s flirtatious personality could lead him to do something that would break them up.

This season will be a roller coaster of emotions for all parties involved, and host Mark Walberg will be at the helm of it all making sure that the couples are growing through this experience.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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