Trishelle from The Real World is best friends with Henry on Married at First Sight

Trishelle Cannatella on Married at First Sight
One of Henry’s close friends just happens to be Trishelle Cannatella from The Real World. Pic credit: Lifetime

Longtime reality TV fans may have noticed a true blast from MTV’s past while watching the latest episode of Married at First Sight. It turns out that Henry actually has three women he calls close friends and one of them is none other than Trishelle Cannatella from The Real World.

While his friend Kristin popped up at the bachelor party, Trishelle didn’t make her debut until after the wedding ceremony.

It was during the reception when Henry’s friends were grilling the bride about her reasons for getting married to a stranger that we heard Trishelle’s all-too-familiar voice.

Trishelle and Kristin grill Christina

While Henry’s friends seem friendly, they are also clearly skeptical of his decision to get married to a complete stranger. In fact, Kristin even mentions that she isn’t feeling the situation at all and has her reservations about anyone that would agree to the process.

So when they ask Christina why she decided to get married this way, both of them perked up at the mention of her very recent breakup. Perhaps they thought that was a red flag for their friend’s new relationship.

But when Christina started talking about how she didn’t trust herself to pick a good man and that she wanted someone caring and sweet, everyone seemed to agree that Henry was the perfect catch.

Trishelle and Kristin dish on Henry and Christina's wedding
Trishelle and Kristin dish on Henry and Christina’s wedding on Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Later, in a confessional, Trishelle and Kristin opened up a bit more about their friend and surprisingly, it was Kristin who said she wouldn’t “respect the marriage.” Trishelle seemed truly shocked that her friend said that about Henry and Christina.

And to be honest, it was a surprising moment because she was the one who was so offended by Brett’s flirting during the bachelor party. We initially thought it was because he also was getting married the next day. Maybe she just found him offputting because it’s hard to imagine she would respect his relationship either.

When it comes to Trishelle, she confessed that she went on a date with Henry once. And while she said that he’s very attractive, the former The Real World star said the date was boring.

Trishelle Cannatella bio

While it was surprising to see Trishelle Cannatella show up on Married at First Sight, she’s proven to be quite the reality TV veteran.

The Louisiana native got her start on The Real World: Las Vegas, which began airing in 2002. She then moved on to compete on The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet in 2003 and then returned the following year to compete in The Gauntlet.

Trishelle to compete on The Challenge again in 2012 for Battle of the Seasons and then again the following year for Rivals II.

Though she earned fame for her appearance on The Real World, Trishelle’s TV career didn’t end with MTV. She has also been seen on Kill Reality, which documented the making of the movie The Scorned, which boasted a cast of all reality TV stars.

Trishelle also appeared on Fear Factor, Punk’d, Dr. Steve-O and Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, which aired on CMT. She also played herself on TV series VIP Passport and Hollywood Royale.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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