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Trina talks Love Island USA love triangle with Cinco and Cashay

Trina and Cinco on Love Island USA
Trina and Cinco on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Love Island USA dumped Trina Njoroge from the villa, fans reacted in anger. It marked the end for an OG and the last remaining member of the infamous Season 3 love triangle.

After Trina left, she spoke to ET about her departure and the love triangle in the villa.

Trina talks about the Love Island USA love triangle

The first major controversy on Love Island USA saw Trina steal Cinco Holland from Cashay Proudfoot in the first major recoupling.

It was a shocking moment and framed Trina as the villain of Season 3 with Cash as the huge fan favorite.

“Ohh, that love triangle. One thing I learned about myself was that I have a lot of patience,” Trina said. “Cinco, he is a good person. He was a great friend to others. But when it came to the love triangle, he was just very indecisive.”

It also hurt because she considered Cash a friend.

“It was just very frustrating because Cash and I were friends. Well, we are friends, but it was very awkward,” Trina explained. “Even when I was paired up with Cinco, it was hard to be comfortable with him around her.”

It wasn’t over with either, because when Cinco came back from Casa Amor single and went back to Trina, he told her he was more interested in Cash.

Cash ended up sticking with Charlie Lynch and Cinco went home.

That was best for Trina, as she said she was happy they were finally putting themselves first.

Trina on her and Cash’s relationship

Trina mentioned that Cinco got in between her friendship with Cash, but that wouldn’t last.

“Luckily with Casa Amor, we created a stronger bond,” Trina said. “I even did her makeup for the recoupling and we just hit it off. I felt like that situation, that love triangle that we were in, we realized we should never let a man get in between our friendship again.”

The two came out together dressed in dashikis that Trina’s grandmother gave her, showing their support after Cash decided she was leaving even if Charlie did choose her in the end.

“Look, we’ve been through ups and downs here in the villa. We are both Black queens. We are resilient,” Trina said. “This was just a bumpy road for us, but we have a long life friendship to look forward to after this.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.