Too Hot to Handle Season 3: Who is Robert ‘Truth’ DuVaun and where can you find him on Instagram?

Robert Truth DuVaun on Too Hot to Handle
Robert Truth DuVaun on Too Hot to Handle. Pic credit: Netflix

Too Hot to Handle just hit Netflix with its third season and a cast of 15 people looking for love.

One of the new cast members is Robert “Truth” DuVaun, and here is everything you need to know about the new Too Hot to Handle hopeful.

Who is Robert ‘Truth’ DuVaun on Too Hot to Handle?

Robert “Truth” DuVaun is a student from Texas who said in his intro video that he loves basketball, his family, and women.

Truth is studying criminology in college.

He stands six-foot-four and is 23 years old.

He also admitted that he was having “way too much fun” with “way too many different women” to settle down, which should have clued Too Hot to Handle fans in on what was coming for Truth in the season.

How can you follow Robert ‘Truth’ DuVaun on Instagram?

You can follow Robert “Truth” DuVaun on Instagram at @truthsworld.

He has a total of only 24 posts on Instagram, but has over 50,000 followers.

In his intro video, he wrote, “Lets hope Lana let’s the players play.” He likely had a rude awakening at what resulted from his attempts to play the game.

What most fans will see if they follow Truth’s Instagram account is that he loves to take lots of topless photos.

Where is Robert ‘Truth’ DuVaun now, following Too Hot to Handle?

Too Hot to Handle is a Netflix reality television dating series that has one major twist.

The men and women are not allowed to kiss, have any sexual contact, or even pleasure themselves, over the four weeks of the show.

An AI host keeps everyone in line.

There is a $200,000 grand prize and the producers knock money off every time the cast members break a rule. By the end of the season, a winning couple was chosen.

Robert “Truth” DuVaun was one of the people eliminated from Too Hot to Handle for not being the right fit for the competition.


This is because he was playing to different girls at the same time.

Truth was going after both Jaz Holloway and Izzy Fairthorne. When the two women realized he was playing both of them, they both dumped him. While Izzy moved on to find someone else, this destroyed Jaz’s confidence in the contest.

As a result, the production sent home both Jaz and Truth – Jaz because she gave up on looking and Truth because he was breaking all the rules.

Truth left in episode 5 and was not part of the finalists competing for the money.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 is streaming right now on Netflix.

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