Who is the narrator and host of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle?

Meet the Too Hot to Handle host Desiree Burch.
Desiree Burch narrates the new Netflix show Too Hot to Handle. Pic credit: Netflix

There is a new reality TV show that has people talking. Netflix’s latest series, Too Hot to Handle, has fans buzzing. Viewers have become obsessed with the show but have a couple of questions.

Fans want to know who the narrator and host of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle is. The voiceover commentary is hilarious and entertaining, which is why viewers can’t wait to find out more information about the narrator.

The mystery voice belongs to none other than comedian Desiree Burch.

Who is Too Hot to Handle narrator Desiree Burch?

The narrator on Too Hot to Handle says exactly what viewers are thinking, and that is all thanks to the hilarious comedy of Desiree. Her laugh out loud jokes keep fans engaged while watching a group of sexy singles try and forgo physical contact for a month.

Desiree is no stranger to the Netflix family. She is also the host of the game show, Flinch. The series is a combination of Double Dare, Fear Factor, and Saw all thrown together. It has been dubbed a “barn-based torture game show.

When she is not hosting various shows, Desiree takes her comedy on the road. She has toured across the United States and the United Kingdom. The funny woman was born and raised in Los Angeles but currently resides in London.

Since her move to London, Desiree has appeared on shows such as The Jonathan Ross Show, Roast Battle, Mock the Week, and QI. She is also the host of the Comedy Central UK show Fat Chat with Desiree Burch.

Life before comedy

It is obvious to anyone who has heard or seen Desiree perform that comedy is her calling. However, Desiree had quite an exciting life before embarking on her career as a comedian.

She graduated from Yale University with a degree in Theater Studies. Desiree is a founding member of the theater group, New York Neo-Futurists.

One of the most intriguing facts about Desiree is that she used to be a dominatrix before she started making money at comedy. In an interview with Metro, she revealed she got into the dominatrix game to become more sexualized. She found men frightening and figured being a dominatrix was a way to figure out men’s true desires.

“I was an overachieving kid and if I ever wanted to learn about something I’d read a book until I felt comfortable enough doing it, so this was my equivalent of reading a book about how to be sexual,” Desiree explained to Metro.

There is no question Too Hot to Handle narrator and host Desiree Burch is one interesting lady. She certainly made the Netflix show a lot more entertaining with her wit, snark, and sarcastic commentary.

Too Hot to Handle is currently streaming on Netflix.

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