Love Island USA Season 2 canceled? Rumors heat up that CBS show will not return due to coronavirus pandemic

Will Love Island USA return in 2020?
The fate of Love Island USA is unknown. Pic credit: CBS

Rumors are heating up that Love Island USA Season 2 has been canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic. The CBS show was a hit last summer. It is also a pleasure that fans were looking forward to entertaining them this summer.

The CBS show has not been filmed yet and questions over its future have come to light thanks to the current health climate.

Television production has come to a screeching halt to stop the spread of coronavirus, which means there is a good chance that Love Island Season 2 will be canceled or postponed.

When is Love Island USA Season 2 premiere date?

Last year, the premiere season was only a month long. The reality TV series — based on the UK version — premiered on July 9 with the finale airing on August 7. Love Island aired Monday through Friday, basically in real-time.

CBS had planned to begin Season 2 much earlier. The scheduled premiere date was May 21, with the show airing Monday through Saturday. Weeknights were to be devoted to new episodes, and Saturday was slated to be a weekly recap.

Will Love Island Season 2 be canceled?

There is some good and bad news when it comes to Love Island USA airing in Summer 2020. A report from The Hollywood Reporter suggests that Love Island USA and Big Brother have been canceled for the summer.

The network has yet to issue an official statement regarding either show, but CBS did push the premiere date for Love Island, opting for airing a new Paramount movie block in the meantime.

According to Deadline, CBS is still moving forward with a new season of the show, even if it is delayed until later in the summer.

Since Love Island is shot in real-time, it can be produced relatively quickly. The primary issue — besides healthy safety concerns — is how far CBS got in the casting process before Hollywood and the world shut down. Season 1 contestant, Alexandra Stewart, previously revealed the lengthy process it took to get cast on the show.

CBS has not canceled Love Island USA Season 2 and the show is certainly going to be delayed, but the network is still hopeful it will happen this summer. Of course, during these unprecedented times, anything can happen.

Fans are simply going to have to wait to find out the fate of Love Island. There are a lot of variables that will decide the show’s future, but, hopefully, the network can find a way to bring it back this summer.

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