Too Hot to Handle Season 3: Who is Obi Nnadi and where can you find him on Instagram?

Obi Nnadi on Too Hot to Handle
Obi Nnadi on Too Hot to Handle. Pic credit: Netflix

Too Hot to Handle just hit Netflix with its third season and a cast of 15 people looking for love.

One of the new cast members is Obi Nnadi, and here is everything you need to know about the new Too Hot to Handle hopeful.

Who is Obi Nnadi on Too Hot to Handle?

Obu Nnadi is a fitness model, personal trainer, and lifestyle instructor from Ontario, Canada. He was originally born in Nigeria.

He admitted that he didn’t get to where he is now by following anyone’s rules, which would prove difficult throughout Too Hot to Handle.

He described himself as the guy you would see pull up at the club, and you would realize he was the leader of the pack.

Obi said that he is very concerned about his fitness and that it is one of his great passions. However, he said that his personality is ten times better than his body.

He said he doesn’t care what other guys look like because no one can talk like him.

How can you follow Obi Nnadi on Instagram?

You can follow Obi Nnadi on Instagram at @Obi_blvd.

He has 131 posts on his page and just over 15,000 followers.

In his bio, he wrote, “Lana if you’re reading this, please call me back…”

Obi had an intro promo photo for Too Hot to Handle, where he wrote the exact same comment.

Other than that, most of Obi’s Instagram posts are of him working out in the gym and showing off his body.

Outside of that, he also has some photos from the outdoors, both on land and water.

Where is Obi Nnadi now following Too Hot to Handle?

Too Hot to Handle is a Netflix reality television dating series that has one major twist.

The men and women are not allowed to kiss, have any sexual contact, or even pleasure themselves, over the four weeks of the show.

An AI host keeps everyone in line.

There is a $200,000 grand prize and the producers knock money off every time the cast members break a rule. By the end of the season, a winning couple was chosen.

Obi was a late addition to the Too Hot to Handle cast. He came in during Episode 3 and immediately made a name for himself.

When he got there, he tried to hook up with Jaz, but that didn’t work out. She had just gotten finished with Truth, but the two ended up as just friends. However, it was for the best.

Obi ended up hooking up with Brianna Giscombe, who was another late comer, arriving herself in Episode 6.

Obi got Brianna to agree to get to know him better, but she ended up going out on a date with Nathan Soan Mingomezulu instead.

While she wanted to see if she could make things work with Nathan, he ended up moving on to Holly Scarfone, and it turned out that Obi was the one who cared the most for Brianna.

The two didn’t leave as a couple, but they seemed to appreciate getting to know each other on the show.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 is streaming right now on Netflix.

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