Tom Brooks agrees with 90 Day Fiance fan who says he’s only famous because of Darcey Silva and never should have done the show

Tom Brooks responds to comment on Instagram
90 Day Fiance alum, Tom Brooks. Pic credit: TLC

Reality show viewers are not known for biting their tongue, and one fan is taking aim at 90 Day Fiance’s Tom Brooks.

We’ve seen the toxic relationship play out between Tom and Darcy Silva over the past few weeks, and it’s clear that Tom doesn’t have many fans on his side.

If you’ve been following throughout the season, you would certainly understand why.

We saw a heartbroken Darcy in tears recently– after she found out that Tom was already seeing someone else.

This did not sit well with many viewers, who felt that Brooks was leading her on and giving her false hope.

Now, one fan is putting the reality TV personality in his place.

Fan calls out Tom Brooks on Instagram

Brooks recently posted a photo of himself and his niece on IG, with the caption, “What can beat the love of a child, my adorable niece.”

However, the sweet photo certainly didn’t deter many from airing their criticism of Tom after watching him on Before the 90 Days with Darcey.

“Aww, poor victim. You’re only a D list celebrity because of DARCEY lol maybe you shouldn’t of done the show,” notes one viewer.

To which the UK native responded, “you are totally correct.”

Tom Brooks and his niece. Pic credit: tombrooks_tv/Instagram

One  Instagram follower seemed to enjoy the fact that Tom actually responds to the mean comments adding, “My favorite thing about Tom is that he actually responds to the mean comments you all leave him.”

Twitter hasn’t been kind to Tom either

Instagram isn’t the only place where  Tom Brooks has been fielding nasty comments.

Twitter users are not very fond of Mr. Brooks either.

One user shares similar sentiments noting that Tom is only on the show because he wants to be on TV.

Another user took issues with the way Brooks tried to body shame Darcey in a recent episode, where the two met up to discuss their relationship.

When things didn’t go the way Tom wanted them to go he took aim at Darcey’s weight, and viewers didn’t hold back about their disdain for the TLC alum.

Tom’s treatment of Darcey has made him into a very unlikeable character and fans were more than happy to see the end of his and Darcey’s relationship.

The two have had what many deem to be a toxic relationship last season on Before the 90 Days and the fact that Tom started dating someone new before fully cutting it off with Silva was the final nail in the coffin.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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