Tiffany Franco knows 90 Day Fiance fans hate her cold-shoulder tops but she wears them anyway

Tiffany Franco
Tiffany stays rocking the cold-shoulder look, and fans can’t stop talking about it. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans across social media have been commenting negatively about Tiffany Franco’s signature cold-should look and how she dresses, but she doesn’t care.

It has been sporadic to see Tiffany in anything other than a dress or a top that leaves her shoulders exposed, and fans have caught on to her trend.

Tiffany acknowledges that she has been receiving many comments and criticism for the cold-shoulder style but knows that’s what she is going to keep wearing.

She made a post on Instagram joking about the look and the way producers and fans keep bringing it up.

Tiffany’s look gets a lot of attention

The IG post was a picture of Tiffany in a top with only one shoulder exposed. Tiffany joked that it was a test shot that producers didn’t end up using because “They much more prefer both my shoulders out I guess … at least you know they had you guys in mind they know you love my shoulders (heart emojis).”

Tiffany’s look has seemingly become a 90 Day Fiance inside joke that even Tiffany felt the need to acknowledge and respond to.

In every scene or interview with Tiffany this season on Happily Ever After, she rocks the cold-shoulder style, so naturally, fans have picked up on it across social media.

Fans even went so far as to notice that Tiffany’s mom and daughter also sport the cold-shoulder look.

Fans will be seeing more cold-shoulder tops and drama from Tiffany on Happily Ever After

Tiffany’s cold-shoulder tops and dresses will continue to make their appearance throughout this season of Happily Ever After, and so will Tiffany’s drama.

This season so far, viewers have seen a few bad fights between Tiffany and her South African husband, Ronald, over financial issues and feelings over a lack of support.

While they await their spousal visa filing results, Tiffany canceled the plane tickets for her and the kids to visit Ronald and used the money for a down payment on an apartment for them in Maryland. She expects Ronald to come up with the money for them to visit despite his difficult financial situation.

Tiffany and Ronald have a lot to work through this season as they try to make life better for themselves and their kids.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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