Thomas Jacobs sends his love to The Bachelorette fans after Katie Thurston’s explosive rose ceremony

Thomas Jacobs from The Bachelorette
Thomas sends his love after Katie Thurston sends him home Pic credit: ABC

Thomas Jacobs got quite a sendoff last night when Katie Thurston called him out, called him selfish, and told him that his Bachelor audition was over.

It was quite a moment for The Bachelorette viewers, who cheered Katie on as she sent Thomas packing after weeks of watching the men pile on him about an admission that he came to the ABC dating show with the idea that he might be able to turn it into a starring role on The Bachelor.

Prior to his exit, Thomas pleaded with Katie, telling her that his feelings are real and that he was definitely there for the right reasons. Not believing him after Tre took aim and told Katie that he was vying to be the lead himself, she took action and sent him home with an even colder call out than the one she gave Karl, the other guy who stirred up drama in the house.

But if you thought that Thomas was sweating his recent eviction on The Bachelorette, you’re wrong. Instead, the rising Bachelor Nation star simply sent his love to those who cared via Instagram right as he was told to get out as the episode played out.

Thomas Jacobs sends a message to The Bachelorette viewers

In a video shared to his Instagram stories, Thomas can be seen as he sings along to Fleetwood Mac while eating a burrito. As the lyrics of the recently viral song Dreams, the message on the screen read, “Sending nothing but love to all of you” in all caps.

As the lyrics about freedom play out, two things come to mind. The first being that we bet he knows of a killer burrito place being that he’s in San Diego. The second, tying those lyrics in with his recent dismissal is that we’re betting he’s not all that bothered about getting kicked off Katie’s season after the way the guys all treated him.

Thomas Jacobs IG
Pic credit: @thomasjacobs/Instagram

Here’s what we know about Thomas Jacobs’ future in Bachelor Nation

What follows will be what we know about Thomas Jacobs and whether we’ll be seeing him again on another The Bachelor franchise spinoff. If you don’t want to know the tea that has already been spilled, stop reading now. If you do want to know, here are the details.

It’s no secret that Thomas came into The Bachelorette with the hope that he would be able to make it far enough and amass enough fans that he might end up being the next Bachelor lead. And it wouldn’t be too far-fetched either since many of the franchise leads rose to fame as a contestant on another show.

However, that’s not where Thomas’s notoriety has taken him. At least not yet.

It turns out that Thomas has managed to find love, or at least lust, on an island while filming Bachelor in Paradise.

According to Bachelor in Paradise spoilers recently spilled by Reality Steve, Thomas did end up getting another chance in the spotlight with BIP casting, and while there, he romanced Becca Kufrin to the point that they are supposedly getting quite a bit of air time. So get ready for a lot more of Thomas on your screen once that show starts to air.

However, it wasn’t a love connection for Katie Thurston’s former suitor as it has already been revealed that she ended up dumping him before the finale.

Thomas at BIP
Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

What this also means is that, depending on how Thomas is portrayed on Bachelor in Paradise and how popular he may or may not become due to that, he could still be in the running for The Bachelor after all.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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