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The Voice coaches call one singer’s performance ‘insulting’ and ‘rude’

The Voice Season 21 finalists
The Voice Season 21 finalists. Pic credit: NBC

Heading into The Voice finale tonight, it is anyone’s game.

Everyone has their fans, and two performers seem to be frontrunners to win it all — Wendy Moten and Girl Named Tom.

However, out of the two favorites, one of them faces an uphill battle because of the public’s perception of them.

It didn’t help when the coaches said her performance in the finals was both “insulting” and “rude.”

The Voice Coaches feel Wendy Moten makes it seem too easy

Wendy Moten has one of, if not the best, voice this season on The Voice.

She had fleeting success over two decades ago, but has spent the rest of her career as nothing more than a backup singer to some great musicians on concert tours.

The biggest complaint, outside of her previous music experience, comes with her performances.

She sings the songs perfectly and has an amazing voice, but she never really connects with the audience like someone like Jershika Maple does.

While Jershika doesn’t have the range on Wendy Moten, she is able to really emote while singing and it brings something special to her performances.

The coaches all love Wendy, but some of their comments on Monday night was not helpful.

“Wendy, I just don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with a gift like you have,” John Legend said. “Your voice is just so flawless and perfect. And then you just stand there and do it with such nonchalance. It’s… it’s… it’s insulting to every other singer that works so hard! We just watch you do it, and it just looks so easy coming out of you.”

Kelly Clarkson agreed, adding that “it’s rude” how easy Wendy makes it seem.

Those were compliments, but they are also what might cost Wendy the victory.

Wendy Moten heading into finals on The Voice

Those comments came after Wendy performed Patti LaBelle’s version of Over the Rainbow. Her other song was a performance of Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know.

Once again it was flawless, but there was a problem. Carson Daly commented that it was perfect and sounded exactly like Whitney did on her album.

The fans who watch and vote on The Voice usually want to see performers take a song and make it their own. Instead, Wendy seemed to do a pitch-perfect karaoke performance of Whitney Houston, which does her no favors.

She has a great voice, but the fact that she puts little to no emotion into her performances and makes it seem so easy could cost her against similar singers like Jershika or the frontrunners Girl Named Tom.

The Voice airs its Season 21 finale on Tuesday night at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. It’s a insult to say that about a women that does her craft so great. If she loses its because the show is discriminating when was the last black person that has won. I’m though with watching the show.

  2. I don’t think it’s fair to put people like Wendy in the show who have done professional or semi professional compared to the ones who haven’t, I didn’t like Wendy and yes I think Paris or others should have made second.

  3. I loved all the five finalists and some of the ones that didn’t make it. I expected the results. Think they all will have careers ahead of them.

  4. This is a LOADED headline— she has PAID her dues over twenty years. She wasn’t given a damn thing. She had to fight her way. As a nashville musician— we know! That flawless voice was EARNED — background singers so not make a lot of money. Gah I can’t stand this junky perverted view of someone finally getting the attention they deserve. #teamwendy

  5. Girl Named Tom should not have won. I think the winner should have been Wendy or Paris. I think the show rigs the votes. Carson and Blake are pathetic. I think Wendy did not win because of her age.


  7. I hate when articles like this are all lies, both contestants are winners and sing beautifully. No matter who won or lost they have a future ahead of them. These articles just want to get peoples Attention and it’s stupid. Can’t believe people actually believe the stuff.

  8. Wendy had the best voice on the show! Girl Names Tom won because of their looks. They harmonize very well but really can’t sing upbeat songs. All 4 of the other singers had the better voices. Wendy being the best singer. Jershika and Johns duet was anointed and was the best duo. I was highly disappointed with the winning results! Come on America vote for the best Voive not what they look like!!!

  9. The winners are determined by the votes they get from the fans – at least that’s what they want us to think. This headline sensationalizes what really happened. The comments are taken out of context – they were in awe of her skills and that’s where the comments came from – It did not appear that they were serious about her insulting them at all; probably should have used different words to express those thoughts…but I don’t think it cost her the win…And you can play that race card as much as you want to, just remember that John Legend said it first. The Voice prides itself on not being concerned by physical appearances of the artist – they hold blind auditions…

    • If only some of the coaches were as articulate as you are! The headline on this blog did exactly what the writer (a sports writer, nonetheless) needed—got him “clicks.

  10. It was just a matter of time before the race card was played. Some just gotta do it spoil what was the best season of the Voice yet. Any of the final 5 could have won and be justified. The coaches did their part, and they all want to win. When it comes down to the finals, the winner is the fan favorite, end of story. Again, any 5 of the finalist could have won, but A Girl Named Tom blew all others out of the water. No one could stay on the stage with them. Here is my opinion of the VOICE in general. It is a joy to watch the judges from the Blinds all the way through the lives. The name of this show is the Voice, not, the Voices! I have been against duos and now trios being aloud on the show. But then, when you get to the lives, backup singers are all over the place and most times you can’t hear the contests voice. I think it should be a contest, and never with backup singers. Then I think the best voice will win. Do not allow references to sexual orientation, race or trannies. Most of the back stories are fictitious anyway. Just allow the best singer to win. In this case, based on their current ruled, the best won!

    • I agree with your comment about the backstories being unnecessary. They’re interesting, but it seems that contestants are chosen these days for how sympathetic their lives are, as much as for their voices.


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