The Traitors’ Trishelle Cannatella reveals Below Deck Med secrets and spoiler after charter guest stint

Trishelle Cannatella on The Traitors
Trishelle talks about her Below Deck Med stint. Pic credit: Peacock

Below Deck Med has featured a couple of familiar faces this season – the latest being The Traitors winner Trishelle Cannatella.

Trishelle also made a name for herself on the Real World and The Challenge.

However, on Below Deck Med, Trishelle sat back on the Mustique yacht, enjoying being a friend of the primary charter guest.

The group isn’t demanding, making them very enjoyable to watch.

Trishelle spilled some secrets about the hit yachting show ahead of her stint on Below Deck Med winding down.

Trishelle also dropped a spoiler that directly impacts the cliffhanger on the most recent episode.

The Traitors’ Trishelle Cannatella reveals Below Deck Med secrets

Taking to X (formerly Twitter) ahead of her second Below Deck Med appearance, Trishelle gave a shoutout to the crew.

“2nd episode airing tonight on #belowdeckmed It might be a wild night, so buckle up! 🍾🎉  My bff Brittany got us together to charter the yacht last summer & I’m so glad we did. (This was pre Traitors btw) Thank you to the crew for making our time so special!” read her X that included a picture of her group on the luxury yacht.

The comments section of the X had one fan sharing their thoughts on how the show used to be better back in the day. Trishelle revealed she had no idea about the crew drama until she watched the show.

“It was so interesting to watch last episode and see all the drama bc no kidding we had zero clue! I do remember telling Elle and Joe they would make a cute couple which now I see was probably not a good move 😂😩,” she wrote.

The reality TV star also admitted that she didn’t want to do some things the producers suggested, like theme nights. She also explained the group really enjoyed the water toys but felt bad for having the crew put up the slide because they hated it so much.

Trishelle comments
Trishelle weighs in on her Below Deck Med appearance. Pic credit: @TrishelleC/X

That’s not all Triselle spilled either.

Trishelle Cannatella drops Below Deck Med spoiler

Below Deck Med fans were left with a cliffhanger on the show when anchor problems forced the Mustique crew to delay leaving for the dock to drop the guests off. Aesha Scott wondered how much time the group had before their flight home.

We learned a few of them were leaving that afternoon. Now, thanks to Trishelle, the cliffhanger has been spoiled, but thankfully, not all of it was revealed.

Trishelle was asked if she knew about the tender and anchor drama, which resulted in her revealing, “Well when we missed our flight we did 😂 but honestly I was like whatever we are in Europe. Hahaha.”

Trishelle spoiler
Trishelle responds to a Med fan. Pic credit: @TrishelleC/X

Oh yes… whatever happens next on Below Deck Med doesn’t seem to go well, as the guests aren’t dropped off in time to make their flights home.

In other Below Deck Med spoilers news, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, Joe Bradley has taken sides in the Bri Muller and Elena “Ellie” Dubaich drama, hinting at how things end with the three of them.

What did you think of Trishelle on Below Deck Med?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. The Traitors Seasons 1-2 are streaming on Peacock.

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