Aesha Scott reveals how her relationship with Captain Sandy Yawn has changed

Aesha Scott on Watch What Happens Live
Aesha has a lot to say about her bond with Captain Sandy. Pic credit: Bravo

It had been years since Below Deck Med stars Captain Sandy Yawn and Aesha Scott worked together until they reunited for Season 9.

The captain and chief stew last teamed up on Season 5 of Below Deck Med.

Aesha came in as a second stew after Hannah Ferrier was fired, and Captain Sandy promoted Bugsy Drake to the chief stew role.

Fast-forward four years, and now Aesha is in charge of the interior, adding a different layer to her friendship with the captain.

The other day, Aesha opened up about what it was like working with Captain Sandy in a new role.

After all, Aesha had just come off working with Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under, which was a whole new dynamic for her.

Aesha Scott reveals how Below Deck Med Season 9 changed her relationship with Captain Sandy Yawn

Speaking with Us Weekly, Aesha was asked what it was like coming back all these years to work with her former captain again but as chief stew.

“Oh my gosh. It was so special. I was, it was very nerve-wracking just because I put so much pressure on myself to impress her,” Aesha expressed.

The Bravo personality reiterated that returning to Below Deck Med felt like going home, something mentioned in the Season 9 premiere episode. Aesha shared that she really wanted Captain Sandy to see the woman she grew into while she was away.

Along with putting pressure on herself, Aesha revealed how things were different with Captain Sandy this time around. Thanks to geography, the time away really pushed them from co-workers to friends.

Captain Sandy lived with her now wife Leah Shaffer in Denver, while Aesha lived with her now fiance Scotty Dobson in Breckenridge after Season 5 of Below Deck Med wrapped. The four met up to hang out, which was how Aesha and Captain Sandy’s friendship blossomed.

“Coming back to work for her, it was just a very beautiful friendship. You know she really supported me, she let me do my thing. We were very professional together, but there were those moments where I would sneak into the bridge and show her a meme or something,” Aesha explained.

Below Deck Med Season 9 is ‘stressful’ for Aesha Scott

Ahead of the Below Deck Med Season 9 premiere, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, Aesha teased a “stressful” season. That was easy to see from the jump when the provision company left Aesha and the crew scrambling during the first charter.

The Season 9 trailer also featured Aesha crying when the pressure becomes too much. Although she didn’t share any spoilers, we know that interior drama is coming and will be bad.

Elena Dubaich reveals tension mounts because she and Bri Muller are both crushing on Joe Bradley, and she isn’t holding back who is at fault for the chaos.

Aesha continues to bring her positive attitude and vibe, which is a welcome change from the past couple of seasons of Below Deck Med.

What do you think of Aesha’s Below Deck Med return?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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