Aesha Scott calls Below Deck Med Season 9 ‘stressful’, teases love triangles and crying in Greece

Aesha Scott on Below Deck Med Season 9
Aesha has given Below Deck Med fans something to talk about. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Med Season 9 premiere made it clear Aesha Scott and crew are in for one wild ride on the Mustique yacht.

Aesha immediately dealt with stew issues, and a provision debacle made the first charter more chaotic.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Below Deck Med spoilers reveal things go from back to worse very quickly.

No stranger to dealing with an inexperienced crew, demanding guests and unexpected obstacles, Aesha has revealed this was beyond stressful for her.

Aesha confirmed that and more as she previewed what Below Deck Med fans can expect this season.

Many fans have been disappointed with the show for a while, and that could change during Season 9 of Below Deck Med.

Aesha Scott calls Below Deck Med Season 9 “stressful”

Speaking with TV Insider to promote her latest Bravo gig, Aesha didn’t hold back getting real about the struggles facing her interior crew.

“Oh yeah. It was so stressful. That is what I can tell you. I was determined no matter what to deliver the guests an amazing experience. Do you know how hard it is to uphold that standard when two of your stews are not that experienced? You end up having to do a lot of it yourself,” she shared with the outlet.

Below Deck Med fans got a sense of just how green Stew Bri Muller was on the premiere after she struggled with cabins and had a laundry disaster that left the charter guests waiting for their clothes.

Ellie Dubaich also has some issues that will leave her at odds with Chef Johnathan (Jono) Shillingford and in Captain Sandy Yawn’s crosshairs.

Despite the struggles, Aesha does give mad props to Ellie and Bri.

“What I will say about them that I was so grateful for is, that even with their shortcomings, they made it up with the effort they put in. They worked super hard to overcome anything they didn’t know. I’m really proud of that,” Aesha told TV Insider.

Below Deck Med’s Aesha Scott teases Season 9 love drama

It wouldn’t be Below Deck if there wasn’t some kind of crew boatmance chaos coming. According to Aesha, there’s plenty of that on the Mustique yacht that directly impacts her team.

“There is a bit of a love triangle as well. It really interferes with my stews and how they show up to work each day. I found that situation very challenging and hard to manage. I have to lean on Sandy in the end because I just throw up my hands and don’t know what to do,” she expressed.

The trailer featured Aesha breaking down in tears, which she admitted happened more than once.

Aesha Scott can’t wait for Below Deck Med fans to see how she grows in Season 9. However, she really can’t wait for fans to see Captain Sandy Yawn propose to her now-wife, Leah Shaffer.

What do you think of Below Deck Med so far?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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