The Situation reacts to Jets QB Aaron Rodgers’ comments about Jersey Shore

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Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino wants to meet up with NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Pic credit: ©

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino feels a meeting is in order with NFL star Aaron Rodgers following the New York Jets quarterback’s comments about Jersey Shore.

The Situation, who will appear in the seventh season of MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, recently appeared in a video interview sharing his reaction to Rodgers’ remarks.

Monsters and Critics reported last week that Rodgers commented about Jersey Shore while speaking with the media about becoming familiar with the area.

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The Jets’ new QB joked that he was only familiar with the area from watching Jersey Shore over the years and later called it “one of the greatest shows ever” in TV history.

Rodgers also brought up how he’d once attended a DJ Pauly D event in Las Vegas following the Packers’ Super Bowl victory over a decade ago.

With the recent remarks, The Situation feels a meetup involving the Jets QB and the Jersey Shore should definitely happen.

The Situation reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ Jersey Shore remarks

The Situation said everyone’s pretty pumped up after seeing and hearing that the new Jets quarterback spoke highly of Jersey Shore upon his arrival to their state.

“Oh man, the squad was lit when we first heard that a couple days ago,” he said while speaking to TMZ Sports, adding, “Aaron Rodgers is a legend in the game. Now that he is in Jersey- Hey, listen, we’re so happy. We’re excited he’s in Jersey. Jersey, stand up.”

He shared that there were a few group chats he’s in for the Jersey Shore cast members and production, with news of Rodgers’ video with his comments started circulating amongst them.

“We’ve been watching him on TV for many, many years, and now that he’s in Jersey, we’re all pretty excited, including the state of New Jersey,” The Situation said.

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Wants Aaron Rodgers Meetup After 'Jersey Shore' Shoutout

Along with Rodgers telling one of his new Jets teammates that JS is “one of the greatest shows ever,” he also said he is “a fan of all them,” referring to the cast members.

Mike says a Jersey Shore meetup with Rodgers is ‘a must’

The Situation was asked if there might be some sort of meetup involving the Jersey Shore crew and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whether for their show or in some other capacity.

“You know what? I think it is a must,” he replied, adding, “Now that we got Rodgers, it’s only right that we get Jersey Shore in the building to support as well.”

Regarding food recommendations for Rodgers in Jersey, The Situation said the area is known for “the best pizza, the best bacon, egg, and cheese, [and] the best Italian.”

“He’s in a very good place, and we’re very happy to have him as well,” he said.

It seems unlikely that Rodgers will appear in the upcoming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation as Season 7’s episodes are filmed. However, it’s entirely possible the JS crew could meet up with the quarterback somehow, whether at a media event, practice, or upcoming game this NFL season.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 7 premiere is TBA for MTV.

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