The Masked Singer’s new clues headed into next double-elimination round

Ringmaster, Armadillo, and Miss Teddy on The Masked Singer
Ringmaster, Armadillo, and Miss Teddy on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

The first round of The Masked Singer ended with Firefly moving on to the finals and it is time to learn the second finalist.

That would be the winner next week between Ringmaster, Miss Teddy, and Armadillo. There will be a double elimination and only one will move to the finals.

But, who is behind their costumes?

Let’s look at the clues and make our guesses.

Who is Ringmaster on The Masked Singer?

Who is Ringmaster on The Masked Singer?

So far, Ringmaster’s clues include a driver’s license from California, Miley Cyrus on the backdrop of the state of Montana, a tic-tac-toe board with an “X” in the middle, and a bottle of alcohol with “Sweet Southern” written on it.

That didn’t give fans a lot to guess from.

However, the latest clues showed an acoustic guitar and a pick with an illustration about the ’90s on it. “I’m a ’90s chick, but I’ve been songwriting for as long as I can remember,” Ringmaster said.

Our original guess was Zendaya, but that is impossible with the 90s clue.

Our guess now is Hayley Orrantia.

The Montana and Miley Cyrus could tie in with her singing background on the Hannah Montana Forever soundtrack. Ringmaster said “nice to see you again” to Nicole Scherzinger. Both were on The X Factor together for one season (the X in the clues).

Sweet Southern could be Hayley’s song, Strong Sweet & Southern. As for the California driver’s license, it could be the “Golden State” on it as she is in The Goldbergs.

Who is Miss Teddy on The Masked Singer?

Who is Miss Teddy on The Masked Singer?

Miss Teddy’s clue package began with Miss Teddy asking, “Do you want to live your life on cloud nine?” She then described herself as “cozy, comfy, and extra cuddly.” There is also a logo with a rainbow behind her with a Santa figurine sitting on it.

Miss Teddy said she has always been “constantly reinventing” herself and she needs “all the Z’s” she can catch. There is a pile of garbage on the bed and a director’s chair with a crying laughing emoji.

Miss Teddy also said, “Lay your head down in December, next thing you know, it’s May!” As she says this, a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

Her latest clue was a note from the Grammys with the message, “Congrats on the win.” She said that winning a Grammy was “one of the greatest moments” of her life.

With these clues, Miss Teddy is likely Jennifer Holliday from Dreamgirls, but she might end up in the finals, so we might not see for a while.

Who is Armadillo on The Masked Singer?

Armadillo actually had an incident on Wednesday night where he fell off the stage while dancing.

Luckily, he wasn’t hurt and his costume wasn’t damaged.

As for his clues, Armadillo said he has a “tough exterior” but is “soft on the inside.” He also said he is “scuffed, dented, or straight up bruised.”

While a Man in Black wears sparkly sunglasses, Armadillo said his product “wipes out scum like nothing else.” While another Man in Black has a bow and arrow, Armadillo said, ”Whether I’m chasing down my enemies or snuggling up to my lady.”

Armadillo showed a motorcycle and joked that someone had taken his keys to the “wild hog.”

With these clues, we are certain that Armadillo is Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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