The Masked Singer’s Armadillo fell off the stage while dancing

Armadillo on The Masked Singer
Armadillo on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

This past week, five new singers showed up on The Masked Singer to start their journey in the singing competition.

By the end of the night, Lemur unmasked as Christie Brinkley and the other four singers moved on to the next night.

The four remaining singers in this group are Three-Headed Hydra, Ringmaster, Miss Teddy, and Armadillo.

While all four singers are moving on to try to make it to the finals, one of them might need to be a little more careful in the next round.

Armadillo fell off the stage while dancing around and performing.

Armadillo fell off The Masked Singer stage

On The Masked Singer premiere this season, McTerrier had an accident where he almost fell and lost his head – literally.

Things were worse for Armadillo.

TMZ had an exclusive video that showed the moment that Armadillo fell from the stage, and it looked like it was a hard fall.

Armadillo came out and did some dancing, including a high kick, and then he fell from the stage. According to TMZ, the people on the set freaked out when he fell and rushed to make sure he was okay.

There is also the fact that the costumes were not designed to take a beating, and there was fear the costume was damaged, which would have hurt the show’s next episode.

Who is Armadillo on The Masked Singer?

With Armadillo making it to another week in the competition, fans are busy trying to figure out who he is.

Here are the clues for Armadillo on The Masked Singer.

The first clue is that the package was shown in black and white. According to Armadillo, he has a “tough exterior” but is “soft on the inside.” He also said he is “scuffed, dented, or straight up bruised.”

There are hot dogs on the grill and a cake made of ground beef.

While a Man in Black wears sparkly sunglasses, Armadillo said his product “wipes out scum like nothing else.” While another Man in Black has a bow and arrow, Armadillo said, ”whether I’m chasing down my enemies or snuggling up to my lady.”

Armadillo then sang Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers.

Armadillo also said he was “born on a mountain and raised in a cave, scrapping and singing is all I crave.”

All the panelists said they thought Armadillo was an actor, most thinking he was an action star. Chuck Norris, Erik Estrada, and Vin Diesel were named.

With the hints of chasing down enemies, wiping out scum, and snuggling with his lady, we think Armadillo might actually be Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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11 months ago

Yes!!!! i said Dog the Bounty Hunter too!!